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50th Anniversary Of Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbour

EDM number 332 in 1991-92, proposed by David Evennett on 04/12/1991.

That this House notes the 50th Anniversary of the premeditated attack by the Japanese fascist government on Pearl Harbour; notes that millions of Allied servicemen and civilians were murdered by Japanese barbarity as were countless millions of Chinese and other innocent victims throughout Asia, often in the infamous Unit 731 in which hideous experiments were undertaken on live prisoners of war; notes with great concern that the Japanese government continues deliberately to falsify its history in Asia between 1931 and 1945; further notes that the Japanese government has just refused to apologise to Allied and Asian countries for the barbarity; and calls on her Majesty's Government to demand a proper and sincere apology from Japan and, in the absence of such contrition for its extremely close alliance with Hitler and Nazism, informs the Japanese government that it will not be accepted, nor wanted, as a part of the civilised world community.

This motion has been signed by a total of 2 MPs.

David Evennett09/12/1991Erith and CrayfordProposed
Alex Carlile10/12/1991MontgomerySigned

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