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Nato And Public Debate

EDM number 334 in 1991-92, proposed by Harry Cohen on 04/12/1991.

That this House recognises that the political situation in Europe has changed entirely over the past three years and considers that it is no longer acceptable or prudent for NATO to keep decisive parts of its military strategy secret; believes that this practice undermines confidence, weakens democratic support for international institutions, and sets a bad example to the emerging democracies in the East and in the former Soviet Union; believes that if NATO wishes to become a more political organisation, it must become more open; further believes that the parliaments of NATO member nations must be fully informed of NATO's future nuclear planning proceedings and doctrinal papers, NATO Force Goals, Nuclear Weapons Requirements Studies, Defence Planning Questionnaires and other standard management tools of NATO planning, all projects funded under NATO programmes and the formerly classified Flexible Response Strategy (14/3 and 48/3); urges the Alliance to publish the document which is currently being drafted for the Military Committee, further elaborating NATO's new military strategy; and further urges the Alliance to make NATO's operational concepts available for public debate.

This motion has been signed by a total of 14 MPs.

Harry Cohen04/12/1991LeytonProposed
Dawn Primarolo04/12/1991Bristol SouthSigned
Bob Cryer04/12/1991Bradford SouthSigned
Dennis Skinner05/12/1991BolsoverSigned
Terry Davis05/12/1991Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Harry Barnes05/12/1991North East DerbyshireSigned
Bill Michie09/12/1991Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Martin Redmond10/12/1991Don ValleySigned
Ronnie Campbell10/12/1991Blyth ValleySigned
Tony Banks10/12/1991Newham North WestSigned
Robert Parry11/12/1991Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Norman Godman11/12/1991Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Audrey Wise25/02/1992PrestonSigned
David Lambie27/02/1992Cunninghame SouthSigned

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