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Result Of The Hillsborough Inquiry

EDM number 473 in 1991-92, proposed by Robert Parry on 14/01/1992.

That this House is astounded that the final inquiry into the Hillsborough Disaster found nobody guilty and dropped all charges against the South Yorkshire Police; recalls the horrific incidents of that day, which resulted in the deaths of so many people, many of the younger generation, the terrible injuries to many who are still suffering and the tragic effects it has had on so many families and friends who witnessed the disaster; remembers that the then Home Secretary, in a reply in the House to the honourable Member for Liverpool, Riverside, agreed there should be no cover-up; and calls upon the present Home Secretary to make a statement on what appears to be a complete whitewash.

This motion has been signed by a total of 24 MPs.

Robert Parry14/01/1992Liverpool, RiversideProposed
Eddie Loyden14/01/1992Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Gerry Bermingham14/01/1992St Helens SouthSigned
Dennis Skinner15/01/1992BolsoverSigned
Alice Mahon15/01/1992HalifaxSigned
Frank Cook15/01/1992Stockton NorthSigned
Tom Cox15/01/1992TootingSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe15/01/1992LeighSigned
Eric Illsley16/01/1992Barnsley CentralSigned
Paul Flynn16/01/1992Newport WestSigned
Tony Lloyd17/01/1992StretfordSigned
Harry Barnes17/01/1992North East DerbyshireSigned
John Evans20/01/1992St Helens NorthSigned
Joe Benton20/01/1992BootleSigned
Doug Hoyle21/01/1992Warrington NorthSigned
Peter Kilfoyle21/01/1992Liverpool, WaltonSigned
Gordon Oakes21/01/1992HaltonSigned
Harry Cohen21/01/1992LeytonSigned
Terry Fields21/01/1992Liverpool BroadgreenSigned
John Cummings22/01/1992EasingtonSigned
Huw Edwards22/01/1992MonmouthSigned
Edward O'Hara23/01/1992Knowsley SouthSigned
Tommy Graham23/01/1992Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Martyn Jones03/02/1992Clwyd South WestSigned

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