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Red-Light Running

EDM number 845 in 1991-92, proposed by Alan Williams on 10/03/1992.

That this House is alarmed that one of the most dangerous examples of anarchy on our roads is the red-light runner; notes the estimate that 5,000 accidents a year, of which 500 are hit and run cases, are caused by drivers ignoring the red traffic light; is concerned that the Lex Report on motoring in 1990 found that one in five men drivers and one in seven women admitted to driving through the red light; recognises that there is a dilemma zone for motorists approaching lights who have limited time to decide whether to brake or continue driving but is concerned that up to one in three motorists choose to jump the lights and that over one in five were outside the dilemma zone, some of them 20 seconds into the red light; notes that, although relatively few London junctions have red-light cameras watching for offenders, police recorded the same driver repeating the offence twice in three days and one driver jumping different lights three times in six weeks; is deeply concerned at the police comment that 'that guy is doing it all the time'; notes that inevitably three in four accidents involve collision with vehicles entering the crossing on their green light from the left or right; observes that all too often it is the offender who is unhurt as his high speed bonnet rams the side, the least protected part of the car coming legitimately from left or right; and calls upon courts to protect the public.

This motion has been signed by a total of 17 MPs.

Alan Williams10/03/1992Swansea WestProposed
Ernie Ross11/03/1992Dundee WestSigned
Eric Illsley11/03/1992Barnsley CentralSigned
John McAllion11/03/1992Dundee EastSigned
William McKelvey11/03/1992Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
John Cummings11/03/1992EasingtonSigned
John Evans11/03/1992St Helens NorthSigned
Harry Barnes11/03/1992North East DerbyshireSigned
Tony Banks12/03/1992Newham North WestSigned
Donald Anderson12/03/1992Swansea EastSigned
Norman Godman12/03/1992Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Andrew Faulds12/03/1992Warley EastSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie12/03/1992Glasgow, PollokSigned
Frank Cook12/03/1992Stockton NorthSigned
Harry Cohen12/03/1992LeytonSigned
Ronnie Campbell12/03/1992Blyth ValleySigned
David Lambie12/03/1992Cunninghame SouthSigned

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