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Channel 5: Draft Invitation To Apply For Operating Licence

EDM number 849 in 1991-92, proposed by Edward O'Hara on 11/03/1992.

That this House notes the prescriptions suggested by the Independent Televison Commission for the granting of a licence for the new Channel 5, namely, that the service should be high cost, the operator must retune videos before operation of the service, and the service should cover at least 30 per cent. of the transmission area of the country in the first year; is concerned that these conditions will require a punitively high share of national advertising revenue to sustain costs and will further require that the new channel be based in London, and therefore be precluded from developing a strong regional basis; and recommends that the Independent Television Commission should reconsider these draconian prescriptions, give positive consideration to providing conditions which can give Channel 5 a strong regional emphasis, and extend the period of debate for these important issues to be a thoroughly discussed.

This motion has been signed by a total of 18 MPs.

Edward O'Hara11/03/1992Knowsley SouthProposed
Joe Benton11/03/1992BootleSigned
Robert Wareing12/03/1992Liverpool, West DerbySigned
Frank Field12/03/1992BirkenheadSigned
John Evans12/03/1992St Helens NorthSigned
John Cummings12/03/1992EasingtonSigned
Eddie Loyden12/03/1992Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Tony Lloyd12/03/1992StretfordSigned
Peter Kilfoyle12/03/1992Liverpool, WaltonSigned
Eric Illsley12/03/1992Barnsley CentralSigned
Doug Hoyle12/03/1992Warrington NorthSigned
George Howarth12/03/1992Knowsley NorthSigned
Robert Parry12/03/1992Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Frank Cook13/03/1992Stockton NorthSigned
Richard Caborn13/03/1992Sheffield CentralSigned
Bill Michie13/03/1992Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Alan Meale13/03/1992MansfieldSigned
John Battle13/03/1992Leeds WestSigned

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