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Fear Of Crime Survey

EDM number 1075 in 1993-94, proposed by Barbara Roche on 20/04/1994.

That this House notes the results of the Home Office's Fear of Crime study published on 19th April showing that 49 per cent. of women and 63 per cent. of women over 60 feel 'very' or 'fairly' unsafe when going out at night; considers this to be an unacceptable state of affairs; is concerned by the increasing use of television reconstructions of true life crimes portraying violence against women which are broadcast for purposes other than the apprehension of criminals; and urges the Secretary of State for National Heritage to enter into discussions with television companies to monitor the use of such programmes and to ensure that programme makers are not permitted to exploit and worsen women's fears, understandable in the light of an increase in reported rapes of over 300 per cent. since 1979, of violent crime.

This motion has been signed by a total of 75 MPs.

Barbara Roche20/04/1994Hornsey & Wood GreenProposed
Diane Abbott20/04/1994Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Malcolm Wicks20/04/1994Croydon North WestSigned
Mike Watson20/04/1994Glasgow CentralSigned
Joan Walley20/04/1994Stoke-on-Trent NorthSigned
Angela Eagle20/04/1994WallaseySigned
Alistair Darling20/04/1994Edinburgh CentralSigned
Jean Corston20/04/1994Bristol EastSigned
Jeremy Corbyn20/04/1994Islington NorthSigned
Ann Coffey20/04/1994StockportSigned
Anne Campbell20/04/1994CambridgeSigned
Paul Murphy20/04/1994TorfaenSigned
Nigel Griffiths20/04/1994Edinburgh SouthSigned
Bridget Prentice20/04/1994Lewisham EastSigned
Ken Purchase20/04/1994Wolverhampton North EastSigned
Clive Soley20/04/1994HammersmithSigned
Eric Illsley20/04/1994Barnsley CentralSigned
Richard Burden20/04/1994Birmingham, NorthfieldSigned
Helen Jackson20/04/1994Sheffield, HillsboroughSigned
Tony Lloyd20/04/1994StretfordSigned
John McFall20/04/1994DumbartonSigned
Glenda Jackson20/04/1994Hampstead & HighgateSigned
Mike Hall21/04/1994Warrington SouthSigned
Tom Cox21/04/1994TootingSigned
John Cummings21/04/1994EasingtonSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe21/04/1994LeighSigned
Jim Dowd21/04/1994Lewisham WestSigned
Derek Enright21/04/1994HemsworthSigned
John Evans21/04/1994St Helens NorthSigned
Paul Flynn21/04/1994Newport WestSigned
John Gunnell21/04/1994Leeds South and MorleySigned
Tony Banks21/04/1994Newham North WestSigned
Harry Barnes21/04/1994North East DerbyshireSigned
Gerry Steinberg21/04/1994Durham, City ofSigned
Dennis Turner21/04/1994Wolverhampton South EastSigned
David Clelland21/04/1994Tyne BridgeSigned
Norman Hogg21/04/1994Cumbernauld & KilsythSigned
Eric Clarke21/04/1994MidlothianSigned
Ernie Ross21/04/1994Dundee WestSigned
Peter Hardy21/04/1994WentworthSigned
Nick Harvey21/04/1994North DevonSigned
Keith Hill21/04/1994StreathamSigned
Barry Jones21/04/1994Alyn & DeesideSigned
Lynne Jones21/04/1994Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Liz Lynne21/04/1994RochdaleSigned
John McAllion21/04/1994Dundee EastSigned
William McKelvey21/04/1994Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Alan Meale21/04/1994MansfieldSigned
Bill Michie21/04/1994Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Alan Milburn21/04/1994DarlingtonSigned
James Callaghan21/04/1994Heywood & MiddletonSigned
Michael Clapham22/04/1994Barnsley West & PenistoneSigned
John Battle22/04/1994Leeds WestSigned
Hugh Bayley22/04/1994York, City ofSigned
Harry Cohen25/04/1994LeytonSigned
Mildred Gordon25/04/1994Bow and PoplarSigned
Joan Ruddock25/04/1994Lewisham, DeptfordSigned
Ken Livingstone26/04/1994Brent EastSigned
Michael Connarty26/04/1994Falkirk EastSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie26/04/1994Glasgow, PollokSigned
Robert Wareing26/04/1994Liverpool, West DerbySigned
Martyn Jones27/04/1994Clwyd South WestSigned
Keith Bradley27/04/1994Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Win Griffiths28/04/1994BridgendSigned
Paddy Tipping28/04/1994SherwoodSigned
Andrew Miller28/04/1994Ellesmere Port & NestonSigned
Alan Simpson28/04/1994Nottingham SouthSigned
George Galloway29/04/1994Glasgow HillheadSigned
Max Madden03/05/1994Bradford WestSigned
John Heppell03/05/1994Nottingham EastSigned
Andrew MacKinlay03/05/1994ThurrockSigned
Roger Godsiff11/05/1994Birmingham Small HeathSigned
Edward O'Hara18/05/1994Knowsley SouthSigned
Tommy Graham18/05/1994Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Allan Rogers25/05/1994RhonddaSigned

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