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Referendum On The Adoption Of A Single Currency

EDM number 1196 in 1993-94, proposed by Tony Benn on 10/05/1994.

That this House, convinced that, if democracy is to survive, it must allow the electors to choose their government, and that that government must then have the power to carry through the economic and political programme upon which it was elected, noting that the adoption of a single currency and the establishment of a central bank in the European Union, would transfer key economic powers from the people, Parliament and government of the United Kingdom to persons who have not been elected and cannot be removed through the ballot box, recognizing that amongst the powers that would be thus transferred would be those which it would be essential for a government to have at its disposal if it wished to achieve full employment and build up industry and the public services, believing that such a transfer of powers would gravely undermine the power of the franchise for the people of this country who won their rights over many centuries, and fearing that, were the franchise to be eroded in this way, serious and possibly irreparable damage might be done to the consent upon which society depends for its cohesion, therefore demands that legislation be introduced to allow the British people to decide, for themselves, in a national referendum, whether this country should accept a single currency or not and that the result of such a national referendum should be binding upon Parliament.

This motion has been signed by a total of 22 MPs.

Tony Benn10/05/1994ChesterfieldProposed
Peter Shore10/05/1994Bethnal Green and StepneySigned
James Wray10/05/1994Glasgow ProvanSigned
Roger Berry10/05/1994KingswoodSigned
Terry Davis10/05/1994Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Jeremy Corbyn10/05/1994Islington NorthSigned
James Callaghan10/05/1994Heywood & MiddletonSigned
Chris Mullin10/05/1994Sunderland SouthSigned
Alan Meale10/05/1994MansfieldSigned
William McKelvey10/05/1994Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
John McAllion10/05/1994Dundee EastSigned
Alice Mahon10/05/1994HalifaxSigned
Robert Litherland10/05/1994Manchester CentralSigned
Terry Lewis10/05/1994WorsleySigned
Kevin Hughes10/05/1994Doncaster NorthSigned
Dennis Skinner10/05/1994BolsoverSigned
Alan Simpson10/05/1994Nottingham SouthSigned
Ronnie Campbell11/05/1994Blyth ValleySigned
Michael Connarty11/05/1994Falkirk EastSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe11/05/1994LeighSigned
Norman Godman11/05/1994Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Nick Harvey23/05/1994North DevonSigned

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