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Impact Of Sanctions On Iraq

EDM number 659 in 1993-94, proposed by Harry Barnes on 22/02/1994.

That this House agrees with UNICEF that the humanitarian situation in Iraq remains precarious due to hyperinflation, low salaries, food shortages and the lack of essential medical supplies; notes that food prices have increased more than fifty-fold since August 1990, whilst salaries have only doubled at best; is concerned that, largely because water purification and sewage plants destroyed in the Gulf War have yet to be repaired combined with limited vaccine supplies, typhoid, polio, tetanus and measles epidemics have all increased; commends UNICEF on its efforts to help restore infrastructural facilities and access to primary health care; calls upon the international community to respond more generously to the UNICEF appeal for this vital work; reiterates its opposition to, and revulsion from, Saddam Hussein's barbaric and anti-democratic regime in Iraq in which the Iraqi people are systematically denied fundamental human rights; notes, however, that the continued use of the sanctions weapon is having extremely adverse effects on the Iraqi people, particularly children, and effectively holds the civilian population hostage for the acts of the Iraqi Government; and further believes that, whilst the use of sanctions should be considered on a case by case basis, it would be wise, as a general principle, for the international community to apply them when they command majority or substantial consent amongst the people of the countries against whose governments the policy is directed, as was the case when sanctions were applied against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

This motion has been signed by a total of 17 MPs.

Harry Barnes22/02/1994North East DerbyshireProposed
Robert Parry23/02/1994Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Lynne Jones23/02/1994Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Michael Connarty23/02/1994Falkirk EastSigned
Jeremy Corbyn23/02/1994Islington NorthSigned
John Cummings23/02/1994EasingtonSigned
Andrew Faulds23/02/1994Warley EastSigned
Norman Godman23/02/1994Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Llew Smith24/02/1994Blaenau GwentSigned
Bill Etherington24/02/1994Sunderland NorthSigned
John Heppell24/02/1994Nottingham EastSigned
Ken Livingstone25/02/1994Brent EastSigned
Max Madden28/02/1994Bradford WestSigned
Eddie Loyden28/02/1994Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Tommy Graham28/02/1994Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Malcolm Chisholm01/03/1994Edinburgh LeithSigned
Neil Gerrard03/03/1994WalthamstowSigned

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