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EDM number 86 in 1994-95, proposed by Ken Livingstone on 22/11/1994.

That this House notes that the Economist's economic forecast for Britain in 1995 is headlined 'A lost last chance' and states that 'the best is over for Britain. The economy will decelerate in 1995, living standards will slip... falls in unemployment will slow to a crawl... the country will slide back to its traditional place near the bottom of the international pile'; further notes that the article draws attention to the fact that Britain's interest rates are higher than in any core countries of the European Union and that by 1996 Britain's growth rate will be the lowest amongst G7 nations except for France; agrees that the cause of this problem is correctly identified as macro-economic incompetence by the Chancellor who has failed to relax monetary policy and the Bank of England, which has given misguided advice about inflation, and the consequence of this incompetence is likely to be that Britain will slip to the bottom of the G7 pile in terms of productivity and gross domestic product per head with Britain's industrial base more likely to shrink than grow and a reduction of investment in the service sector; and finally invites the honourable Member for Kensington, who is the editor of this journal, to withdraw his support from the Government which is responsible for this mess.

This motion has been signed by a total of 29 MPs.

Ken Livingstone22/11/1994Brent EastProposed
Bridget Prentice23/11/1994Lewisham EastSigned
Lynne Jones23/11/1994Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Ian McCartney23/11/1994MakerfieldSigned
Alan Meale23/11/1994MansfieldSigned
Eric Clarke23/11/1994MidlothianSigned
Harry Cohen23/11/1994LeytonSigned
Jim Dowd23/11/1994Lewisham WestSigned
John Evans23/11/1994St Helens NorthSigned
Mike Hall23/11/1994Warrington SouthSigned
Harry Barnes23/11/1994North East DerbyshireSigned
Dennis Turner23/11/1994Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Alice Mahon24/11/1994HalifaxSigned
Norman Godman24/11/1994Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Bill Etherington24/11/1994Sunderland NorthSigned
Terry Lewis24/11/1994WorsleySigned
Alex Salmond24/11/1994Banff & BuchanSigned
Denis MacShane28/11/1994RotherhamSigned
Audrey Wise28/11/1994PrestonSigned
Michael Clapham29/11/1994Barnsley West & PenistoneSigned
Greg Pope30/11/1994HyndburnSigned
Eddie Loyden30/11/1994Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Alan Simpson01/12/1994Nottingham SouthSigned
Mike Gapes05/12/1994Ilford SouthSigned
John Gunnell07/12/1994Leeds South and MorleySigned
Allan Rogers08/12/1994RhonddaSigned
Anne Campbell08/12/1994CambridgeSigned
Tommy Graham08/12/1994Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Martyn Jones13/12/1994Clwyd South WestSigned

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