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Partial Birth Abortion

EDM number 1093 in 1995-96, proposed by Elizabeth Peacock on 03/07/1996.

That this House notes that earlier this year the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommended that, in late abortions, doctors should ensure the foetus was killed at the outset (suggesting injections of potassium chloride in to the heart in cases of drug-induced abortions) in order to avoid possible charges of murder should the child be born alive and subsequently die; further notes that the College is opposed to outlawing the technique of partial birth abortion used in late pregnancy; notes that this technique involves withdrawing the foetus through the birth canal until only the head remains inside when the bottom of the skull is pierced and the brains sucked out, thus collapsing the head; notes that this would conform with the College guidelines to ensure that the child was born dead; further notes that replies to parliamentary questions clearly show that abortion notification forms fail to specify if abortions are carried out by this method; notes that even before the tenth week of pregnancy foetal structures relating to pain are present and functional, meaning that the child could die in agony; and calls for the immediate banning of this barbaric technique excepting in cases of immediate necessity to save the life of the mother if no other means is possible.

This motion has been signed by a total of 72 MPs.

Elizabeth Peacock03/07/1996Batley & SpenProposed
Joe Benton03/07/1996BootleSigned
Patrick Cormack03/07/1996South StaffordshireSigned
John Cummings03/07/1996EasingtonSigned
Stephen Day03/07/1996CheadleSigned
Peter Fry03/07/1996WellingboroughSigned
Phil Gallie03/07/1996AyrSigned
Harry Greenway03/07/1996Ealing NorthSigned
Peter Griffiths03/07/1996Portsmouth NorthSigned
Neil Hamilton03/07/1996TattonSigned
Vivian Bendall03/07/1996Ilford NorthSigned
Ann Winterton03/07/1996CongletonSigned
Andrew Bowden03/07/1996Brighton, KemptownSigned
David Sumberg03/07/1996Bury SouthSigned
Teddy Taylor03/07/1996Southend EastSigned
Malcolm Thornton03/07/1996CrosbySigned
Richard Tracey03/07/1996SurbitonSigned
Gerard Vaughan03/07/1996Reading EastSigned
Nicholas Winterton03/07/1996MacclesfieldSigned
William McCrea03/07/1996Mid UlsterSigned
Rhodes Boyson03/07/1996Brent NorthSigned
Robert Parry03/07/1996Liverpool, RiversideSigned
William Powell03/07/1996CorbySigned
John Redwood03/07/1996WokinghamSigned
Marion Roe03/07/1996BroxbourneSigned
William Ross03/07/1996East LondonderrySigned
Angela Rumbold03/07/1996Mitcham & MordenSigned
Trevor Skeet03/07/1996Bedfordshire NorthSigned
Martin Smyth03/07/1996Belfast SouthSigned
Keith Speed03/07/1996AshfordSigned
Toby Jessel03/07/1996TwickenhamSigned
Winston Churchill03/07/1996DavyhulmeSigned
Thomas McAvoy03/07/1996Glasgow, RutherglenSigned
Tony Marlow03/07/1996Northampton NorthSigned
Ken Maginnis03/07/1996Fermanagh & South TyroneSigned
Liz Lynne03/07/1996RochdaleSigned
Andrew Hunter03/07/1996BasingstokeSigned
Jill Knight03/07/1996Birmingham, EdgbastonSigned
Calum MacDonald03/07/1996Na h-Eileanan an IarSigned
Edward Leigh04/07/1996Gainsborough and HorncastleSigned
Alan Beith04/07/1996Berwick-upon-TweedSigned
Clifford Forsythe04/07/1996South AntrimSigned
David Nicholson04/07/1996TauntonSigned
David Alton04/07/1996Liverpool Mossley HillSigned
Roger Moate08/07/1996FavershamSigned
Don Touhig08/07/1996IslwynSigned
Hartley Booth08/07/1996FinchleySigned
Bill Cash08/07/1996StaffordSigned
Joseph Hendron08/07/1996Belfast WestSigned
Michael Neubert08/07/1996RomfordSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe08/07/1996LeighSigned
Roy Hughes09/07/1996Newport EastSigned
Michael Alison09/07/1996SelbySigned
Andrew Faulds10/07/1996Warley EastSigned
David Trimble10/07/1996Upper BannSigned
Michael Clark10/07/1996RochfordSigned
Roland Boyes12/07/1996Houghton and WashingtonSigned
Adam Ingram17/07/1996East KilbrideSigned
Warren Hawksley17/07/1996Halesowen and StourbridgeSigned
Paul Murphy22/07/1996TorfaenSigned
Jack Thompson23/07/1996WansbeckSigned
Keith Vaz23/07/1996Leicester EastSigned
David Marshall24/07/1996Glasgow, ShettlestonSigned
John Marshall24/07/1996Hendon SouthSigned
Julian Brazier24/07/1996CanterburySigned
Peggy Fenner24/07/1996MedwaySigned
David Atkinson24/07/1996Bournemouth EastSigned
Gary Waller24/07/1996KeighleySigned
Robert Hughes14/10/1996Harrow WestSigned
Eddie McGrady14/10/1996South DownSigned
Roy Beggs14/10/1996East AntrimSigned
Cecil Walker14/10/1996Belfast NorthSigned

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