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Slaughter Of Newly Born Calves

EDM number 998 in 1995-96, proposed by Tony Banks on 12/06/1996.

That this House is opposed to the Calf Processing Aid Scheme, under which over ú100 is paid for each male dairy calf which is slaughtered when it is less than 10 days old; notes that this scheme has nothing to do with eradicating BSE; believes it is ethically unacceptable for newly-born calves to be slaughtered en masse when they have known almost no life at all; is concerned about reports in the farming press that some calves aged less than seven days are being taken to market in breach of the law; believes that dairy bull calves should neither be slaughtered under this scheme nor exported for rearing in continental veal crates but should instead be reared in the United Kingdom to supply the lower end of the beef market hitherto filled by the older cull cows whose meat is now excluded from the food chain; and urges Her Majesty's Government to abandon the calf slaughter scheme as it involves treating calves as the unwanted waste products of the dairy industry, rather than as sentient beings capable of feeling pain and fear.

This motion has been signed by a total of 44 MPs.

Tony Banks12/06/1996Newham North WestProposed
Piara S Khabra12/06/1996Ealing, SouthallSigned
Alan Meale12/06/1996MansfieldSigned
Harry Cohen12/06/1996LeytonSigned
Diane Abbott12/06/1996Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Andrew Bowden12/06/1996Brighton, KemptownSigned
Dennis Skinner13/06/1996BolsoverSigned
Lynne Jones13/06/1996Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Ken Livingstone13/06/1996Brent EastSigned
Win Griffiths13/06/1996BridgendSigned
Peter Hardy17/06/1996WentworthSigned
Jean Corston17/06/1996Bristol EastSigned
Chris Mullin17/06/1996Sunderland SouthSigned
David Jamieson17/06/1996Plymouth, DevonportSigned
Gerry Steinberg18/06/1996Durham, City ofSigned
Gerry Bermingham18/06/1996St Helens SouthSigned
Harry Greenway18/06/1996Ealing NorthSigned
Norman Godman18/06/1996Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Bill Etherington18/06/1996Sunderland NorthSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe18/06/1996LeighSigned
Keith Bradley18/06/1996Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Bill Michie18/06/1996Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Jane Kennedy18/06/1996Liverpool BroadgreenSigned
Roy Hughes18/06/1996Newport EastSigned
Robert Parry18/06/1996Liverpool, RiversideSigned
John Cummings18/06/1996EasingtonSigned
Donald Dixon19/06/1996JarrowSigned
Dennis Turner19/06/1996Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Teddy Taylor19/06/1996Southend EastSigned
Andrew Faulds19/06/1996Warley EastSigned
Jeremy Corbyn19/06/1996Islington NorthSigned
Michael Clapham19/06/1996Barnsley West & PenistoneSigned
James Callaghan19/06/1996Heywood & MiddletonSigned
Richard Burden19/06/1996Birmingham, NorthfieldSigned
Edward O'Hara19/06/1996Knowsley SouthSigned
John Heppell19/06/1996Nottingham EastSigned
Mike Hall26/06/1996Warrington SouthSigned
Janet Anderson02/07/1996Rossendale & DarwenSigned
Robert Wareing02/07/1996Liverpool, West DerbySigned
Michael Connarty04/07/1996Falkirk EastSigned
Helen Jackson08/07/1996Sheffield, HillsboroughSigned
Nigel Jones09/07/1996CheltenhamSigned
Diana Maddock15/07/1996ChristchurchSigned
Audrey Wise17/07/1996PrestonSigned

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