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Cyprus-Status Of Government

EDM number 364 in 2000-01, proposed by John D Taylor on 26/02/2001.

That this House recalls that in 1964, immediately after the Greek Cypriots expelled the Turkish Cypriots from government by the threat and use of violence, the British Government considered that Cyprus Government could only mean a government which according to the Cyprus constitution acts and takes decisions with the concurrence of its Turkish Cypriot members; further recalls that the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs of this House found that, when in July 1965 the Turkish Cypriot members sought to resume their seats they were told that they could do so only if they accepted the legislative changes enacted in their absence; considers that since those were fundamental constitutional changes imposed unilaterally to the great disadvantage of their people, the Turkish Cypriot leaders were justified in refusing to accept them and were justified in establishing their own government; regrets that Her Majesty's Government continued nevertheless to deal with the Greek Cypriot administration as if it were the Government of Cyprus; and call upon Her Majesty's Government to accord equal treatment to the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot governments without further delay.

This motion has been signed by a total of 1 MPs.

John D Taylor26/02/2001StrangfordUUPProposed

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