activity during 1999-00

EDMs Signed: 9
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1003Education (S.i., 2000, No. 1684)20/07/2000SignedWilliam Hague20/07/2000
1001Education (S.i., 2000, No. 1606)20/07/2000SignedWilliam Hague20/07/2000
1000Education (S.i., 2000, No. 1603)20/07/2000SignedWilliam Hague20/07/2000
708Education (S.i., 2000, No. 1120)09/05/2000SignedWilliam Hague09/05/2000
707Education (S.i., 2000, No. 1121)09/05/2000SignedWilliam Hague09/05/2000
657Social Security (S.i., 2000, No. 727)02/05/2000SignedWilliam Hague18/04/2000
590Conduct Of The Rt. Honourable Member For North Tyneside05/04/2000SignedAngela Browning03/04/2000
449Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Election Of The Right Honourable Member For Old Bexley And Sidcup29/02/2000SignedWilliam Hague29/02/2000
445Accuracy In Food Labelling29/02/2000SignedStephen O'Brien29/02/2000
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