activity during 1995-96

EDMs Signed: 11
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
269Homepride Campbell Soups15/01/1996SignedDN Campbell-Savours15/01/1996
142Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3041)30/11/1995SignedTony Blair30/11/1995
133Statistics Of Trade (S.i., 1995, No. 2946)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
129Income Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3036)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
128Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3040)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
127Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3037)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
125Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3038)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
124Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3039)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
123Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3043)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
122Value Added Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3042)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
121Income Tax (S.i., 1995, No. 3035)28/11/1995SignedTony Blair28/11/1995
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