David Davis activity during 1999-00

EDMs Signed: 8
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1198Anniversary Of The Rt. Honourable Member For Chesterfield29/11/2000SecondedAlan Simpson29/11/2000
1135Shifting The Balance08/11/2000SignedRobert Sheldon08/11/2000
1021Election Of Speaker25/07/2000SecondedMaria Fyfe25/07/2000
818Nomination Of Peers08/06/2000SignedTony Benn08/06/2000
476Select Committees And The Executive10/05/2000SignedGordon Prentice07/03/2000
449Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Election Of The Right Honourable Member For Old Bexley And Sidcup29/02/2000SignedWilliam Hague29/02/2000
184200th Anniversary Of The Death Of George Washington13/12/1999SignedJohn Maples13/12/1999
100Doorkeepers And Police In The Commons25/11/1999SignedTony Benn25/11/1999
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