activity during 2000-01

EDMs Signed: 12
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
173Smoking In The Workplace08/05/2001SignedKevin Barron09/01/2001
569Global Warming And Coca Cola09/04/2001SignedNigel Griffiths09/04/2001
490Royal Commission On Animal Experiments27/03/2001SignedNigel Jones27/03/2001
441Action On Housing Benefit22/03/2001SignedKaren Buck14/03/2001
431Energy Efficiency In Commercial Buildings13/03/2001SignedClive Efford13/03/2001
413Domestic Violence: "our Story - Barnsley Survivors Speak Out" Publication07/03/2001SignedMichael Clapham07/03/2001
333Energy Conservation Four Steps Campaign12/02/2001SignedClive Efford12/02/2001
323Ellen Macarthur (No. 2)12/02/2001SignedEdward Heath12/02/2001
289Long-Term Care For The Elderly01/02/2001SignedLorna Fitzsimons01/02/2001
229Comments Of Mr Seimon Glynn22/01/2001SignedJackie Lawrence22/01/2001
38Domestic Violence In Relation To Criminal And Civil Law06/12/2000SignedAnn Keen06/12/2000
14Race Relations (Amendment) Bill06/12/2000SignedOona King06/12/2000
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