John Morris activity during 1992-93

EDMs Signed: 19
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
2478Dr Gwyn Jones19/10/1993SignedRon Davies19/10/1993
2348Commercial And Industrial Training Services19/07/1993SignedRhodri Morgan19/07/1993
1968Legal Aid And Advice (S.r., (N.i.), 1993, No. 124)10/05/1993SignedJohn P Smith10/05/1993
1971Legal Aid And Advice (S.r., (N.i.), 1993, No. 121)10/05/1993SignedJohn P Smith10/05/1993
1970Legal Aid And Advice (S.r., (N.i.), 1993, No. 122)10/05/1993SignedJohn P Smith10/05/1993
1969Legal Aid And Advice (S.r., (N.i.), 1993, No. 123)10/05/1993SignedJohn P Smith10/05/1993
1661Legal Aid And Advice (S.r.(n.i.), 1993, No. 124)23/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith23/03/1993
1660Legal Aid And Advice (S.r.(n.i.), 1993, No.123)23/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith23/03/1993
1659Legal Aid And Advice (S.r.(n.i.), 1993, No. 122)23/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith23/03/1993
1658Legal Aid And Advice (S.r.(n.i.), 1993, No. 121)23/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith23/03/1993
1647Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 790)19/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/03/1993
1646Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 789)19/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/03/1993
1645Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 788)19/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/03/1993
1572Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 565)11/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith11/03/1993
1054Labour Agent In Workington17/12/1992SignedDN Campbell-Savours10/12/1992
724Conduct Of The Prime Minister03/11/1992SignedAlan Williams03/11/1992
680Closure Threat To DVLA28/10/1992SignedDonald Anderson28/10/1992
446Christian Religious Education13/07/1992SignedOlga Maitland07/07/1992
144Brentford Football Club02/06/1992SignedNirj Joseph Deva02/06/1992
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