activity during 1997-98

EDMs Signed: 13
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1709Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Mansfield And Planning Applications In Barnet29/10/1998SignedSimon Burns28/10/1998
1481Northern Ireland (S.i., 1998, No. 1506)30/06/1998SignedWilliam Hague30/06/1998
1053Legal Aid And Advice (S.r. (N.i.), 1998, No. 91)13/03/1998SignedWilliam Hague13/03/1998
1052Legal Aid And Advice (S.r. (N.i.), 1998, No. 90)13/03/1998SignedWilliam Hague13/03/1998
1049Legal Aid And Advice (S.r. (N.i.), 1998, No. 89)13/03/1998SignedWilliam Hague13/03/1998
1048Legal Aid And Advice (S.r.(n.i.), 1998, No. 92)13/03/1998SignedWilliam Hague13/03/1998
1001Rates (S.r.(n.i.), 1998, No. 60)11/03/1998SignedWilliam Hague11/03/1998
698Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Foreign And Commonwealth Affairs27/01/1998SignedMichael Howard27/01/1998
577Hmy Britannia10/12/1997SignedChristopher Gill10/12/1997
467Access To Officers Of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council17/11/1997SignedAnn Widdecombe17/11/1997
405Conduct Of The Minister Without Portfolio06/11/1997SignedGillian Shephard06/11/1997
340Conduct Of The Chancellor Of The Exchequer And His Advisers27/10/1997SignedPeter Lilley27/10/1997
261SERJEANT AT ARM'S STAFF16/07/1997SignedNicholas Brown16/07/1997
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