Chris Smith activity during 1995-96

EDMs Signed: 16
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1086Pensions (S.i., 1996, No. 1216)02/07/1996SignedTony Blair02/07/1996
1031Pensions (S.i., 1996, No. 1536)20/06/1996SignedTony Blair20/06/1996
970Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 1436)10/06/1996SignedTony Blair10/06/1996
871Pensions (S.i., 1996, No. 1216)13/05/1996SignedTony Blair13/05/1996
808Pensions (S.i., 1996, No. 1172)30/04/1996SignedTony Blair30/04/1996
707Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 965)02/04/1996SignedTony Blair02/04/1996
703Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 672)02/04/1996SignedTony Blair02/04/1996
647Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 462)20/03/1996SignedTony Blair20/03/1996
595Family Law (S.i., 1996, No. 635)11/03/1996SignedTony Blair11/03/1996
556Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 425)04/03/1996SignedTony Blair04/03/1996
545Family Law And Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 182)29/02/1996SignedTony Blair29/02/1996
388Pensions (S.i., 1995, No. 3183)06/02/1996SignedTony Blair06/02/1996
264Social Security (S.i., 1996, No. 30)11/01/1996SignedTony Blair11/01/1996
229Arthur Mullard19/12/1995SignedJeremy Corbyn19/12/1995
13Social Security (S.i., 1995, No. 1742)15/11/1995SignedTony Blair15/11/1995
9Social Security (S.i., 1995, No. 2303)15/11/1995SignedTony Blair15/11/1995
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