Kitty Ussher activity during 2008-09

EDMs Signed: 9
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
2233Mutualisation And The Banking Sector09/11/2009SignedMalcolm Wicks04/11/2009
880Royal Bank Of Scotland And Climate Change04/11/2009SignedMartin Horwood25/02/2009
2108Land Agreements Exclusion And Revocation Order 200402/11/2009SignedJohn Grogan20/10/2009
963Archer Report Into Contaminated Blood And Blood Products19/10/2009SignedEdward O'Hara03/03/2009
845Deforestation, Climate Change And Livestock19/10/2009SignedAndrew George23/02/2009
985Water Charges For Scout Groups15/07/2009SignedJohn Battle04/03/2009
1640Disabled Children And Health06/07/2009SignedJoan Humble10/06/2009
1615Arrhythmia Awareness Week06/07/2009SignedJohn Maples09/06/2009
545Scientific Procedures On Animals And The Use Of Non-Animal Alternatives06/07/2009SignedMartin Horwood21/01/2009
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