activity during 1995-96

EDMs Signed: 15
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1233Environment Award For Engineers14/10/1996SignedTim Rathbone14/10/1996
981Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Falkirk West11/06/1996SignedJacques Arnold11/06/1996
953Reporting Of Politics And Current Affairs05/06/1996SignedTim Renton05/06/1996
728Conduct Of Hon Member For Birmingham, Ladywood16/04/1996SignedJacques Arnold16/04/1996
698Construction Industry Training Board01/04/1996SignedHenry Bellingham01/04/1996
680Honourable Member For Colne Valley And The Sunday Times27/03/1996SignedJohn Townend27/03/1996
615Business Views On The Stakeholder Society13/03/1996SignedDavid Shaw13/03/1996
36A2Child Support Act;amdt. Line 1:22/02/1996SignedAnthony Grant22/02/1996
347Polio Awareness Year 199629/01/1996SignedAlfred Morris29/01/1996
332Honourable Member For Peckham And Labour Party Hypocrisy23/01/1996SignedKenneth Baker23/01/1996
295Replacement Medals For War Veterans17/01/1996SignedIain Duncan Smith17/01/1996
291Conduct Of Plaid Cymru, Labour And Liberal Democrat Honourable Members And Welsh Oral Questions16/01/1996SignedWyn Roberts16/01/1996
256A1Conduct Of Conservative Honourable Members And Welsh Oral Questions;amdt. Line 1:16/01/1996SignedWyn Roberts16/01/1996
75Section 75 Of Consumer Credit Act 1974 And Foreign Timeshares21/11/1995ProposedTim Devlin21/11/1995
17Children In Prostitution And Pornography15/11/1995SignedAnn Winterton15/11/1995
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