activity during 1994-95

EDMs Signed: 24
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1586Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin06/11/1995SignedTimothy Sainsbury06/11/1995
1436Reduction Of Debt For Third World Countries02/11/1995SignedWilliam Cash19/07/1995
20Launch Of The Fairtrade Mark02/11/1995SignedGlenda Jackson16/11/1994
1349A1Ealing Council Finances;amdt. Line 1:06/07/1995SignedHarry Greenway05/07/1995
1279A1French Nuclear Tests And Conservative Delegates To Assembly Of Western European;union;amdt. Line 1:06/07/1995SignedTim Rathbone29/06/1995
1237Asthma And The Health Of The Nation15/06/1995SignedKim Howells13/06/1995
1235Labour Party Policy On The Union Of The United Kingdom12/06/1995SignedCranley Onslow12/06/1995
1223INDEPENDENT REVIEW BODIES' RECOMMENDATION12/06/1995SignedAlfred Morris12/06/1995
1175Conduct Of Rt Hon Member For Barking And Child Abuse In Islington24/05/1995SignedJohn Marshall23/05/1995
1132National Epilepsy Week16/05/1995SecondedJohn Battle16/05/1995
936Malta And The European Union11/05/1995SignedPeter Bottomley29/03/1995
1063Liberal Democrats In Dorset01/05/1995SignedJim Spicer01/05/1995
557Need For A Construction Contracts Bill18/04/1995SignedPeter Griffiths07/02/1995
186Fiftieth Anniversary Of Victory: War Widows And Service Widows18/04/1995SignedAlfred Morris05/12/1994
533Air Cadets20/03/1995SignedBill Walker02/02/1995
729Commonwealth Day On Monday 13th March 199503/03/1995SignedIvan Lawrence03/03/1995
710Conduct Of The Hon Members For Liverpool, Walton, Bath, Birmingham Yardley,;darlington, Wallsend And Doncaster North28/02/1995SignedPeggy Fenner28/02/1995
279Discrimination Against British Pensioners Living Abroad16/02/1995SignedWinston Churchill14/12/1994
615Labour Party And Education15/02/1995SignedIvan Lawrence15/02/1995
581UK And Single Currency08/02/1995SignedKenneth Baker08/02/1995
442Private Clegg And The Rules Of Engagement23/01/1995SignedJulian Brazier23/01/1995
19Arms And Ammunition (S.i., 1994, No. 2615)18/01/1995SignedJerry Wiggin16/11/1994
249Richard Gott And The Guardian12/12/1994SignedEdward Leigh12/12/1994
112New All Party Epilepsy Group23/11/1994SignedJohn Battle23/11/1994
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