Alex Cunningham activity during 2017-18

EDMs Signed: 7
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
196Social Security19/07/2017SignedJeremy Corbyn17/07/2017
209Social Security18/07/2017SecondedJeremy Corbyn18/07/2017
148Chemical Industry Contribution To The UK13/07/2017SecondedAngela C Smith10/07/2017
142Sainsbury's And The Fairtrade Mark12/07/2017SignedCaroline Lucas06/07/2017
159Social Security11/07/2017SecondedJeremy Corbyn11/07/2017
19Amnesty International Campaign: 50th Anniversary Of Israel's Occupation Of East Jerusalem, The West Bank, Golan Heights And Gaza05/07/2017SignedChris Stephens21/06/2017
1Operational Service Medal For Operation Shader26/06/2017SignedNia Griffith21/06/2017
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