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Tobacco Taxation And Inflation

EDM number 109 in 1989-90, proposed by Jack Aspinwall on 29/11/1989.

That this House notes Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer's declaration that his main priority is progressively to reduce inflation which bears most heavily on those least able to protect themselves; recalls that the Chancellor's decision to freeze the duty on tobacco products in his Budget of March 1989 played a part in restraining the upward movement of the retail prices index; draws attention to the fact that tobacco taxation is notoriously regressive bearing most heavily on those on lower incomes; and therefore urges Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer to regard a continuation of the freeze on duty on tobacco products in his forthcoming Budget in 1990 as one of the practical levers at his disposal to bear down on inflation.

This motion has been signed by a total of 32 MPs.

Jack Aspinwall29/11/1989WansdykeProposed
John Marshall29/11/1989Hendon SouthSigned
John Cummings30/11/1989EasingtonSigned
David Atkinson01/12/1989Bournemouth EastSigned
Robert Hicks04/12/1989South East CornwallSigned
Michael Colvin05/12/1989Romsey and WatersideSigned
Nicholas Winterton05/12/1989MacclesfieldSigned
John Carlisle07/12/1989Luton NorthSigned
Martin Redmond11/12/1989Don ValleySigned
Cecil Walker12/12/1989Belfast NorthSigned
Clifford Forsythe14/12/1989South AntrimSigned
Roy Beggs14/12/1989East AntrimSigned
Jack Thompson21/12/1989WansbeckSigned
David Lambie11/01/1990Cunninghame SouthSigned
Geoffrey Pattie15/01/1990Chertsey and WaltonSigned
George Gardiner15/01/1990ReigateSigned
Harry Greenway16/01/1990Ealing NorthSigned
Teddy Taylor17/01/1990Southend EastSigned
Trevor Skeet22/01/1990Bedfordshire NorthSigned
Bill Cash22/01/1990StaffordSigned
Barry Porter24/01/1990Wirral SouthSigned
Giles Shaw25/01/1990PudseySigned
Dudley Smith06/02/1990Warwick & LeamingtonSigned
David Nicholson06/02/1990TauntonSigned
David Knox07/02/1990Staffordshire MoorlandsSigned
Marcus Fox07/02/1990ShipleySigned
David Amess07/02/1990BasildonSigned
Ann Winterton07/02/1990CongletonSigned
Richard Alexander08/02/1990NewarkSigned
Jerry Wiggin08/02/1990Weston-Super-MareSigned
Peter Griffiths12/02/1990Portsmouth NorthSigned
James Molyneaux15/02/1990Lagan ValleySigned

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