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Dolphin Slaughter And Tuna Fishing

EDM number 1244 in 1989-90, proposed by Simon Hughes on 06/07/1990.

That this House notes with grave concern that an estimated 150,000 dolphins are killed each year by the tuna fishing industry; deplores the industry practices whereby dolphins are used to detect possible tuna fish stocks, are then chased for miles, herded together by use of explosives, which cause not only considerable fear but also interfere with the dolphins' vital sonar powers, are then caught in huge purseseine nets where many die from suffocation or from having their flippers or beaks snagged on the net and where those who escape are often attacked by sharks or otherwise separated from their schools; and calls on all tuna canners and retailers to use only tuna caught without recourse to cruel barbaric methods which kill dolphins, and on all members of the public to boycott all tuna products which cannot guarantee to be dolphin-friendly.

This motion has been signed by a total of 46 MPs.

Simon Hughes06/07/1990Southwark and BermondseyProposed
Geraint Howells06/07/1990Ceredigion and Pembroke NorthSigned
Henry Bellingham06/07/1990North West NorfolkSigned
Robert Hughes06/07/1990Harrow WestSigned
Harry Cohen06/07/1990LeytonSigned
Robin Squire09/07/1990HornchurchSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe09/07/1990LeighSigned
Janet Fookes09/07/1990Plymouth DrakeSigned
Norman Godman09/07/1990Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Harry Barnes09/07/1990North East DerbyshireSigned
Norman Hogg10/07/1990Cumbernauld & KilsythSigned
John Blackburn10/07/1990Dudley WestSigned
Peter Griffiths10/07/1990Portsmouth NorthSigned
Alex Carlile10/07/1990MontgomerySigned
Keith Bradley10/07/1990Manchester, WithingtonSigned
David Knox10/07/1990Staffordshire MoorlandsSigned
Peter Hardy10/07/1990WentworthSigned
Tim Rathbone10/07/1990LewesSigned
Paul Boateng11/07/1990Brent SouthSigned
Gerry Bermingham11/07/1990St Helens SouthSigned
Win Griffiths11/07/1990BridgendSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie11/07/1990Glasgow, PollokSigned
John Cummings11/07/1990EasingtonSigned
Tom Cox11/07/1990TootingSigned
Roland Boyes11/07/1990Houghton and WashingtonSigned
Alan Meale11/07/1990MansfieldSigned
Terry Davis11/07/1990Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Ronnie Fearn12/07/1990SouthportSigned
Tommy Graham12/07/1990Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Tony Banks12/07/1990Newham North WestSigned
Gerry Steinberg12/07/1990Durham, City ofSigned
Alan Williams12/07/1990Swansea WestSigned
Robert Parry13/07/1990Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Vivian Bendall16/07/1990Ilford NorthSigned
Andrew Faulds16/07/1990Warley EastSigned
Charles Kennedy17/07/1990Ross and Cromarty and SkyeSigned
John Gilbert17/07/1990Dudley EastSigned
Chris Smith18/07/1990Islington South & FinsburySigned
Eric Illsley18/07/1990Barnsley CentralSigned
Archy Kirkwood18/07/1990Roxburgh & BerwickshireSigned
Tony Lloyd19/07/1990StretfordSigned
Austin Mitchell19/07/1990Great GrimsbySigned
Audrey Wise19/07/1990PrestonSigned
Malcolm Bruce23/07/1990GordonSigned
Ray Michie24/07/1990Argyll & ButeSigned
Menzies Campbell24/07/1990Fife North EastSigned

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