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Charter Of Conduct For Sport

EDM number 1431 in 1989-90, proposed by Tom Pendry on 22/10/1990.

That this House congratulates the Central Council of Physical Recreation on its Charter of Conduct for Sport; welcomes its advice to members of governing bodies, officials, competitors and spectators that as representatives of their sports they should set a good example to the general public, and in particular to the younger generation, by the way they carry out their duties and responsibilities both on and off the field; fully supports its view that sponsors and promoters should not seek to improperly influence the outcome of non-professional competitions by financial inducements; applauds both its condemnation of the use of drugs by competitors and its call to coaches not to employ methods or practices that might involve risks to the long-term health or physical development of their charges; strongly concurs with its view that the maintenance of the highest standards of responsible journalism in the reporting of sport is vital; calls upon all those involved in sport to study the Charter and incorporate its contents into their own rules and codes of practice; and to that end praises the Football Association on taking swift action to punish those involved in the pitch brawl at Old Trafford on 20th October, in the hope that this will lead to the cessation of such incidents at football and other sporting events.

This motion has been ammended, see 525A1.

This motion has been signed by a total of 64 MPs.

Tom Pendry22/10/1990Stalybridge & HydeProposed
Michael Shersby22/10/1990UxbridgeSigned
Dennis Turner22/10/1990Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Tony Banks22/10/1990Newham North WestSigned
David Clelland22/10/1990Tyne BridgeSigned
John Carlisle22/10/1990Luton NorthSigned
Menzies Campbell22/10/1990Fife North EastSigned
Chris Mullin22/10/1990Sunderland SouthSigned
James Lester22/10/1990BroxtoweSigned
Kate Hoey22/10/1990VauxhallSigned
Peter Hardy22/10/1990WentworthSigned
Geoffrey Lofthouse23/10/1990Pontefract & CastlefordSigned
Nicholas Winterton23/10/1990MacclesfieldSigned
Dafydd Wigley23/10/1990CaernarfonSigned
John Blackburn23/10/1990Dudley WestSigned
Jeremy Hanley23/10/1990Richmond and BarnesSigned
Win Griffiths23/10/1990BridgendSigned
Anthony Grant23/10/1990Cambridge South WestSigned
Llin Golding23/10/1990Newcastle-under-LymeSigned
Roland Boyes23/10/1990Houghton and WashingtonSigned
William McKelvey23/10/1990Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
John McAllion23/10/1990Dundee EastSigned
David Knox23/10/1990Staffordshire MoorlandsSigned
Geoffrey Johnson Smith23/10/1990WealdenSigned
Andrew Hunter23/10/1990BasingstokeSigned
Ernie Ross23/10/1990Dundee WestSigned
Elizabeth Peacock23/10/1990Batley & SpenSigned
Robert Parry23/10/1990Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe24/10/1990LeighSigned
Gerard Vaughan24/10/1990Reading EastSigned
Jack Thompson24/10/1990WansbeckSigned
Gerry Steinberg24/10/1990Durham, City ofSigned
John Battle24/10/1990Leeds WestSigned
Harry Greenway24/10/1990Ealing NorthSigned
Keith Bradley24/10/1990Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Gordon Oakes24/10/1990HaltonSigned
Richard Livsey24/10/1990Brecon and RadnorSigned
Alan Haselhurst24/10/1990Saffron WaldenSigned
Andrew Faulds24/10/1990Warley EastSigned
David Trimble25/10/1990Upper BannSigned
Keith Vaz25/10/1990Leicester EastSigned
Roy Beggs25/10/1990East AntrimSigned
Austin Mitchell25/10/1990Great GrimsbySigned
Ian McCartney25/10/1990MakerfieldSigned
Eric Illsley25/10/1990Barnsley CentralSigned
Andrew Hargreaves25/10/1990Birmingham, Hall GreenSigned
Martin Smyth25/10/1990Belfast SouthSigned
Willie Ross25/10/1990East LondonderrySigned
Tim Rathbone25/10/1990LewesSigned
Keith Raffan25/10/1990DelynSigned
Robert Hicks25/10/1990South East CornwallSigned
John Evans26/10/1990St Helens NorthSigned
Mark Wolfson26/10/1990SevenoaksSigned
Geraint Howells29/10/1990Ceredigion and Pembroke NorthSigned
Jim Wallace29/10/1990Orkney & ShetlandSigned
Alex Carlile29/10/1990MontgomerySigned
Mo Mowlam29/10/1990RedcarSigned
Joyce Quin29/10/1990Gateshead EastSigned
Alan Meale30/10/1990MansfieldSigned
John Cummings30/10/1990EasingtonSigned
Ronnie Fearn30/10/1990SouthportSigned
Roger Gale30/10/1990North ThanetSigned
Russell Johnston31/10/1990Inverness, Nairn and LochaberSigned

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