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Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Health And The Ambulance Staff Pay Dispute

EDM number 316 in 1989-90, proposed by Jimmy Wray on 16/01/1990.

That this House demands that the Government ceases to obstruct the solution of the ambulance services pay dispute which is causing much distress to the public; demands the resignation of the Secretary of State for Health who has repeatedly proved to be unable to face opposition or criticism without reacting with insults and arrogance; is unimpressed by his claims that high rises in salaries can produce a chain of other pay demands since civil servants, ministers, judges and many others are already getting higher pay increases, and since it is the present Prime Minister who without any kind of reservations promised to treat all the emergency services' pay increases in the same way; reminds Her Majesty's Government that in the privatisation exercises carried out so far their treatment of public money has been less than careful and that in water privatisation or the sale of Rover to British Aerospace enormous sums of money were lost to the public purse; believes, like the British people, that ambulance staff deserve the increases in pay which they are asking for and that, contrary to the other cases referred to, this is public money well spent; and believes that no insults or smear campaigns are going to hide the fact that more and more people are seeing this incompetent and uncaring Government for what it is, and that these same people are going to continue their support for the ambulance staff until they win this dispute, which has been artificially prolonged by the Government.

This motion has been signed by a total of 53 MPs, 1 of these signatures have been withdrawn.

James Wray16/01/1990Glasgow ProvanProposed
John McAllion16/01/1990Dundee EastSigned
Alan Meale16/01/1990MansfieldSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie16/01/1990Glasgow, PollokSigned
George Galloway16/01/1990Glasgow HillheadSigned
Harry Barnes17/01/1990North East DerbyshireSigned
Mike Watson17/01/1990Glasgow CentralSigned
John Battle17/01/1990Leeds WestSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe17/01/1990LeighSigned
John Cummings17/01/1990EasingtonSigned
Bill Michie17/01/1990Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Alice Mahon17/01/1990HalifaxSigned
Roy Hughes17/01/1990Newport EastSigned
Martin Redmond17/01/1990Don ValleySigned
Dennis Skinner17/01/1990BolsoverSigned
Ernie Ross17/01/1990Dundee WestSigned
William McKelvey17/01/1990Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Alexander Eadie18/01/1990MidlothianSigned
Dennis Turner18/01/1990Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Gerry Steinberg18/01/1990Durham, City ofSigned
Tommy Graham18/01/1990Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Tom Cox18/01/1990TootingSigned
Tony Lloyd18/01/1990StretfordSigned
Terry Lewis18/01/1990WorsleySigned
Ron Davies19/01/1990CaerphillySigned
Norman Godman19/01/1990Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Robert Parry22/01/1990Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Donald Anderson22/01/1990Swansea EastSigned
Andrew Faulds22/01/1990Warley EastSigned
Thomas McAvoy22/01/1990Glasgow, RutherglenSigned
Richard Caborn22/01/1990Sheffield CentralSigned
Peter Pike23/01/1990BurnleySigned
John Smith23/01/1990Vale of GlamorganSigned
Kim Howells23/01/1990PontypriddSigned
Eric Illsley23/01/1990Barnsley CentralSigned
Ian McCartney23/01/1990MakerfieldSigned
Roland Boyes23/01/1990Houghton and WashingtonSigned
David Clelland23/01/1990Tyne BridgeSigned
Paul Boateng23/01/1990Brent SouthSigned
Jack Thompson23/01/1990WansbeckSigned
Audrey Wise23/01/1990PrestonSigned
Keith Bradley24/01/1990Manchester, WithingtonSigned
John Garrett24/01/1990Norwich SouthSigned
Allan Rogers25/01/1990RhonddaSigned
Chris Mullin25/01/1990Sunderland SouthSigned
Maria Fyfe25/01/1990Glasgow, MaryhillSigned
Max Madden29/01/1990Bradford WestSigned
Doug Hoyle30/01/1990Warrington NorthSigned
Martyn Jones31/01/1990Clwyd South WestSigned
Gwyneth Dunwoody07/02/1990Crewe & NantwichSigned
Eddie McGrady08/02/1990South DownSigned
Dale Campbell-Savours08/02/1990WorkingtonSigned
Norman BuchanUnknownWithdrawn

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