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Qa Ltd And At&t Istel

EDM number 174 in 1991-92, proposed by Jeff Rooker on 14/11/1991.

That this House calls for a Department of Trade and Industry public inquiry into the take over of Qa Business Services Ltd, the former Management Services Division of the West Midlands Regional Health Authority by AT&T ISTEL, believing this to be thoroughly justified as Qa Ltd was making a surplus for the public sector before it was privatised in 1989 and that with the loss of 300 staff, the cutting of pension payments, the non-payment of salaries and being taken over debt free by AT&T ISTEL, the public purse has effectively been raided once again; judges that an in-depth inquiry is especially necessary as AT&T ISTEL was previously the successful in-house Computer Services Division of the Rover Group before being privatised at a knock down price, as already drawn to the attention of the House in the National Audit Office Report on the sale of Rover to British Aerospace, where it was disclosed that the then Rover stake in ISTEL was valued on the books at ú3 million, was estimated by Barings to have a realisable value of between ú8-ú10 million and that this stake was sold immediately by British Aerospace for ú39.1 million, thereby creating several millionaires overnight at the expense of the tax payer; and feels it must record its suspicion that Qa Business Services has been absorbed by such a company.

This motion has been signed by a total of 35 MPs.

Jeff Rooker14/11/1991Birmingham, Perry BarrProposed
Joan Walley14/11/1991Stoke-on-Trent NorthSeconded
Bruce George14/11/1991Walsall SouthSeconded
Mark Fisher14/11/1991Stoke-on-Trent CentralSeconded
Bruce Grocott14/11/1991Wrekin, TheSeconded
David Winnick14/11/1991Walsall NorthSigned
Chris Smith15/11/1991Islington South & FinsburySigned
Tony Banks15/11/1991Newham North WestSigned
Harry Barnes15/11/1991North East DerbyshireSigned
Dennis Skinner18/11/1991BolsoverSigned
Alan Williams18/11/1991Swansea WestSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie18/11/1991Glasgow, PollokSigned
Terry Davis18/11/1991Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Frank Cook18/11/1991Stockton NorthSigned
Keith Bradley18/11/1991Manchester, WithingtonSigned
John Battle19/11/1991Leeds WestSigned
Bill Michie19/11/1991Sheffield, HeeleySigned
John McAllion19/11/1991Dundee EastSigned
Alan Meale19/11/1991MansfieldSigned
William McKelvey19/11/1991Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Peter Hardy19/11/1991WentworthSigned
Ernie Ross19/11/1991Dundee WestSigned
Martyn Jones20/11/1991Clwyd South WestSigned
Terry Lewis20/11/1991WorsleySigned
Ian McCartney20/11/1991MakerfieldSigned
Robin Corbett20/11/1991Birmingham, ErdingtonSigned
Ron Davies20/11/1991CaerphillySigned
John Evans20/11/1991St Helens NorthSigned
Llin Golding20/11/1991Newcastle-under-LymeSigned
Tommy Graham20/11/1991Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Andrew Faulds21/11/1991Warley EastSigned
Dennis Turner21/11/1991Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Ken Livingstone27/11/1991Brent EastSigned
Jack Thompson03/12/1991WansbeckSigned
Doug Hoyle05/12/1991Warrington NorthSigned

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