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EDM number 660 in 1991-92, proposed by Brian Sedgemore on 12/02/1992.

That this House regrets that Lloyd's Council allows agents, acting for all members, to reserve preferential access for themselves on certain safe syndicates and that the practice of keeping highly profitable baby syndicates only for insiders has continued under another guise and that certain syndicates have over 50 per cent. capacity from insiders whereas the average is 12 per cent; notes that allegations have been put to the Chairman of Lloyd's that amongst the insider syndiates are 45 Bankside, 138 Bailey, 179 Anton, 183 Ashley, 372 Claremont, 431 Wren, 960 Sturge, 990 Morgan, 994 Kellett and 1028 Wellington; notes that it is alleged that market professionals took 100 per cent. of any available underwriting in 1989 and 1990 on some of these, irrespective of promises of waiting lists; notes that questions as to why the disastrously bad syndicates are composed almost entirely of external or retired members have not been answered by the Chairman of Lloyd's to the satisfaction of Tory honourable Members; notes claims that no director of any managing agent, other than the victim syndicate agency, is on any of the dustbin syndicates; and believes that Lloyd's are obscuring the favourable results of the current insiders by classifying some people who have made losses as working members even though they retired some time ago.

This motion has been signed by a total of 31 MPs.

Brian Sedgemore12/02/1992Hackney South & ShoreditchProposed
Dennis Skinner12/02/1992BolsoverSigned
Ernie Ross13/02/1992Dundee WestSigned
Terry Lewis13/02/1992WorsleySigned
John McAllion13/02/1992Dundee EastSigned
William McKelvey13/02/1992Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
Bill Michie13/02/1992Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Ronnie Campbell13/02/1992Blyth ValleySigned
John Cummings13/02/1992EasingtonSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie13/02/1992Glasgow, PollokSigned
Peter Hain13/02/1992NeathSigned
Harry Barnes13/02/1992North East DerbyshireSigned
Alan Meale14/02/1992MansfieldSigned
Norman Godman14/02/1992Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Eric Illsley14/02/1992Barnsley CentralSigned
Dawn Primarolo14/02/1992Bristol SouthSigned
Eddie Loyden14/02/1992Liverpool, GarstonSigned
John Battle17/02/1992Leeds WestSigned
Mike Watson17/02/1992Glasgow CentralSigned
Frank Cook17/02/1992Stockton NorthSigned
Keith Bradley17/02/1992Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Dave Nellist17/02/1992Coventry South EastSigned
Martin Redmond17/02/1992Don ValleySigned
Max Madden17/02/1992Bradford WestSigned
Jim Cousins18/02/1992Newcastle upon Tyne CentralSigned
Alan Williams18/02/1992Swansea WestSigned
Terry Patchett19/02/1992Barnsley EastSigned
Win Griffiths19/02/1992BridgendSigned
Jack Thompson25/02/1992WansbeckSigned
Tommy Graham27/02/1992Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Audrey Wise03/03/1992PrestonSigned

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