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Traditional Counties And The Local Government Commission

EDM number 743 in 1991-92, proposed by John Butcher on 25/02/1992.

That this House welcomes the Draft Guidance to the Local Government Commission for England and in particular paragraphs 15 and 18, which are warmly endorsed by the Association of British Counties, as they stress the need for the Commission to have regard to county boundaries valued for reasons of tradition or history, and for the assessment of public support for new unitary authorities lying within the geographical area of counties for traditional reasons, though not for the purposes of council administration; and welcomes the prospect of the retention or re-introduction of traditional counties which would provide a focus for wider community loyalties in areas served by smaller unitary authorities.

This motion has been signed by a total of 15 MPs.

John Butcher25/02/1992Coventry South WestProposed
Robert Banks27/02/1992HarrogateSigned
Spencer Batiste27/02/1992ElmetSigned
Hugh Dykes28/02/1992Harrow EastSigned
Dudley Smith03/03/1992Warwick & LeamingtonSigned
Geraint Howells03/03/1992Ceredigion and Pembroke NorthSigned
Anthony Nelson03/03/1992ChichesterSigned
Winston Churchill03/03/1992DavyhulmeSigned
Patrick Cormack03/03/1992South StaffordshireSigned
Marcus Fox03/03/1992ShipleySigned
Harry Greenway03/03/1992Ealing NorthSigned
Giles Shaw05/03/1992PudseySigned
Michael Shersby05/03/1992UxbridgeSigned
Malcolm Thornton05/03/1992CrosbySigned
Richard Shepherd06/03/1992Aldridge-BrownhillsSigned

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