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Bcci And Iraq

EDM number 798 in 1992-93, proposed by Peter Hain on 11/11/1992.

That this House notes the evidence contained in Senator John Kerry's Congressional Committee Report on BCCI that the bank was used to facilitate the sale of defence equipment to Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the role of the British intelligence agencies on holding accounts in BCCI; calls for the publication of Appendix 8 of the Bingham Report and for the files and documents sealed by MI5 to be made available to an independent inquiry and Select Committee in order to establish whether the British Government connived with MI5, MI6 or any other British intelligence agency, with or without the knowledge of the Prime Minister of the day, in the supply of defence equipment to Iraq as revealed in the Matrix-Churchill case.

This motion has been signed by a total of 52 MPs.

Peter Hain11/11/1992NeathProposed
Harry Barnes12/11/1992North East DerbyshireSigned
Clive Betts12/11/1992Sheffield, AttercliffeSigned
Derek Enright12/11/1992HemsworthSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie12/11/1992Glasgow, PollokSigned
Terry Davis12/11/1992Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Frank Cook12/11/1992Stockton NorthSigned
Bill Michie12/11/1992Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Alice Mahon12/11/1992HalifaxSigned
Dennis Skinner12/11/1992BolsoverSigned
John Heppell12/11/1992Nottingham EastSigned
Eric Illsley12/11/1992Barnsley CentralSigned
Terry Lewis12/11/1992WorsleySigned
Ken Livingstone12/11/1992Brent EastSigned
Alan Meale12/11/1992MansfieldSigned
Jim Dowd13/11/1992Lewisham WestSigned
Max Madden16/11/1992Bradford WestSigned
Michael Connarty16/11/1992Falkirk EastSigned
Jeremy Corbyn16/11/1992Islington NorthSigned
John Cummings16/11/1992EasingtonSigned
Brian H Donohoe17/11/1992Cunninghame SouthSigned
John Battle17/11/1992Leeds WestSigned
Kevin Barron17/11/1992Rother ValleySigned
Mike Hall17/11/1992Warrington SouthSigned
Diane Abbott17/11/1992Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Tommy Graham17/11/1992Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Kenneth Eastham17/11/1992Manchester, BlackleySigned
Robert Hughes17/11/1992Aberdeen NorthSigned
George Howarth17/11/1992Knowsley NorthSigned
Joyce Quin17/11/1992Gateshead EastSigned
Robert Parry17/11/1992Liverpool, RiversideSigned
David Hanson17/11/1992DelynSigned
Richard Burden17/11/1992Birmingham, NorthfieldSigned
Paul Murphy18/11/1992TorfaenSigned
John Gunnell18/11/1992Leeds South and MorleySigned
Austin Mitchell18/11/1992Great GrimsbySigned
Joan Lestor18/11/1992EcclesSigned
Jane Kennedy18/11/1992Liverpool BroadgreenSigned
Lynne Jones18/11/1992Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Jon Owen Jones18/11/1992Cardiff CentralSigned
Peter Hardy18/11/1992WentworthSigned
Bridget Prentice19/11/1992Lewisham EastSigned
Bill Etherington19/11/1992Sunderland NorthSigned
Andrew MacKinlay23/11/1992ThurrockSigned
Jimmy Hood26/11/1992ClydesdaleSigned
Michael Clapham26/11/1992Barnsley West & PenistoneSigned
Jack Thompson26/11/1992WansbeckSigned
Martyn Jones30/11/1992Clwyd South WestSigned
Dale Campbell-Savours30/11/1992WorkingtonSigned
Jim Cousins08/12/1992Newcastle upon Tyne CentralSigned
Audrey Wise14/12/1992PrestonSigned
Roland Boyes11/01/1993Houghton and WashingtonSigned

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