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Massino Morsello And Roberto Fiore

EDM number 681 in 1993-94, proposed by Harry Cohen on 24/02/1994.

That this House notes with concern the article in Issue 21 of Scallywag which alleges that two Italian fascists, Massimo Marsello and Roberto Fiore, who are suspected of being implicated in the bombing of Bologna railway station in 1980, not only remain in this country due to the Home Office thwarting extradition requests from the Italian authorities, but have become rich running a Rachmanite housing scam in London via two companies, Meeting Point and Easy London; notes that Morsello uses an entourage of fascist Italian skinheads, regularly joined by British skinheads, to beat up students and homeless foreigners to extort his rents; notes that there is a strong likelihood that the profits from this activity contributes to the racist, thuggish activities in this country of British fascist organisations like the BNP; considers that the Conservative government has behaved disgracefully and against the national interest in not deporting these two thugs and their skinhead cohorts long ago; and demands that they be rapidly returned to Italy to face justice for the Bologna murders.

This motion has been signed by a total of 28 MPs.

Harry Cohen24/02/1994LeytonProposed
Ken Livingstone25/02/1994Brent EastSigned
Tom Cox25/02/1994TootingSigned
Harry Barnes25/02/1994North East DerbyshireSigned
Tommy Graham28/02/1994Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
David Winnick28/02/1994Walsall NorthSigned
Tony Banks28/02/1994Newham North WestSigned
Norman Godman28/02/1994Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie28/02/1994Glasgow, PollokSigned
Terry Davis28/02/1994Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Michael Connarty28/02/1994Falkirk EastSigned
Eddie Loyden28/02/1994Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Lynne Jones28/02/1994Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Bridget Prentice28/02/1994Lewisham EastSigned
Robert Parry28/02/1994Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Max Madden28/02/1994Bradford WestSigned
Jeremy Corbyn28/02/1994Islington NorthSigned
John Heppell01/03/1994Nottingham EastSigned
Jim Dowd01/03/1994Lewisham WestSigned
John Cummings01/03/1994EasingtonSigned
Eric Clarke01/03/1994MidlothianSigned
Alan Meale01/03/1994MansfieldSigned
Dennis Skinner01/03/1994BolsoverSigned
Colin Pickthall01/03/1994West LancashireSigned
Mike Hall03/03/1994Warrington SouthSigned
Andrew Faulds08/03/1994Warley EastSigned
Rhodri Morgan10/03/1994Cardiff WestSigned
Martyn Jones22/03/1994Clwyd South WestSigned

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