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Confidence Motion - Division 109 Of 28th March 1979;amdt. Line 1:

EDM number 955A2 in 1993-94, proposed by Alex Salmond on 28/03/1994.

leave out from 'House' to end and add 'notes that Lord Callaghan identified Labour's anti-devolution rebels as the reason for the collapse of the last Labour Government, as described on page 508 of his memoirs "Time and Change"; further notes the roles of the honourable Members for Linlithgow and Islwyn inside Parliament, and the work of the honourable Member for Cunninghame North outside Parliament, in bringing this situation about; and views the Labour Party, despite its cosmetic name change, as the leading Unionist party in Scotland.'.

This is a ammendment to 955.

This motion has been signed by a total of 3 MPs.

Alex Salmond28/03/1994Banff & BuchanProposed
Margaret Ewing28/03/1994MoraySigned
Andrew Welsh28/03/1994Angus EastSigned

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