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Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Neath And The Welsh Dragon

EDM number 1254 in 1997-98, proposed by Owen Paterson on 27/04/1998.

That this House condemns the proposals by the Welsh Office Minister, the honourable Member for Neath, to replace Wales's noble Red Dragon with a red kite which is nothing more than a thieving scavenger; notes that the dragon has been, sincethe reign of King Vortigern in the 5th century, an exotic, fiery and powerful symbol, in whose name Owain Glyndwr fought the English in 1400, which provided Henry VII's motto at Bosworth Field 'The Red Dragon is our inspiration' and under whose colours thousands of soldiers of the Royal Welch Fusiliers died in two world wars; disagrees with the honourable Member's idiosyncratic view that 'Modern Wales is about Manic Street Preachers and Catatonia'; questions both his judgement and knowledge of Welsh history and culture; deplores the considerable public expense which the banning of the Welsh Dragon will entail; and suggests that the Red Dragon will be remembered and loved long after the honourable Member for Neath and the Manic Street Preachers have been forgotten.

This motion has been signed by a total of 29 MPs.

Owen Paterson27/04/1998North ShropshireConservativeProposed
Teresa Gorman27/04/1998BillericayConservativeSigned
James Gray27/04/1998North WiltshireConservativeSigned
Dominic Grieve27/04/1998BeaconsfieldConservativeSigned
Philip Hammond27/04/1998Runnymede & WeybridgeConservativeSigned
John Bercow27/04/1998BuckinghamConservativeSigned
Crispin Blunt27/04/1998ReigateConservativeSigned
Desmond Swayne27/04/1998New Forest WestConservativeSigned
Robert Syms27/04/1998PooleConservativeSigned
Robert Walter27/04/1998North DorsetConservativeSigned
Ann Widdecombe27/04/1998Maidstone & The WealdConservativeSigned
Nicholas Winterton27/04/1998MacclesfieldConservativeSigned
Christopher Gill27/04/1998LudlowConservativeSigned
Christopher Fraser27/04/1998Mid Dorset & North PooleConservativeSigned
David Prior27/04/1998North NorfolkConservativeSigned
Laurence Robertson27/04/1998TewkesburyConservativeSigned
Richard Shepherd27/04/1998Aldridge-BrownhillsConservativeSigned
Caroline Spelman27/04/1998MeridenConservativeSigned
John Horam27/04/1998OrpingtonConservativeSigned
Julie Kirkbride27/04/1998BromsgroveConservativeSigned
Eleanor Laing27/04/1998Epping ForestConservativeSigned
Oliver Letwin27/04/1998West DorsetConservativeSigned
Tim Loughton27/04/1998East Worthing & ShorehamConservativeSigned
William Cash27/04/1998StoneConservativeSigned
Michael Fabricant27/04/1998LichfieldConservativeSigned
Julian Lewis28/04/1998New Forest EastConservativeSigned
John Wilkinson28/04/1998Ruislip - NorthwoodConservativeSigned
Nick Hawkins29/04/1998Surrey HeathConservativeSigned
Howard Flight29/04/1998Arundel & South DownsConservativeSigned

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