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Attacks By Israel On Syria

EDM number 101 in 2013-14, proposed by George Galloway on 15/05/2013.
Categorised under the topics of Middle East and Military operations.

That this House condemns the unilateral attacks by Israel on targets inside Syria which have claimed dozens of lives; notes that the defenders of these actions maintain that they are justified by the principle that Israel has the right to defend itself against foreign weapons in hostile hands; asks what the response would be if Syrian planes bombed Israel's Ramat David airbase because it houses US-supplied weaponry; points out the hypocrisy by the UK and the US in effectively condoning these murderous assaults; and is resolute in demanding that the UK will not officially supply weapons to this conflict which would severely risk it turning into a full-scale Middle East war.

This motion has been signed by a total of 4 MPs.

George Galloway15/05/2013Bradford WestRespectProposed
Jeremy Corbyn16/05/2013Islington NorthLabourSeconded
John McDonnell21/05/2013Hayes and HarlingtonLabourSeconded
Ronnie Campbell03/06/2013Blyth ValleyLabourSeconded

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