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Victims Of Fraud Being Pursued For Tax Liabilities

EDM number 1204 in 2016-17, proposed by Greg Mulholland on 26/04/2017.
Categorised under the topics of Crime and Financial institutions.

That this House notes that there are victims of fraud, resulting from the mis-selling of investment schemes and pensions, who are being aggressively pursued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for tax liabilities resulting from that fraud; further notes that whilst those perpetrating the fraud have made huge amounts, the victims have not made much, if any, financial gain and in most cases have actually lost funds, with some being very large sums; notes that as a result of HMRC's unfair pursuit of these victims, they are facing huge tax bills and are facing potential bankruptcy and homelessness; notes that HMRC is pursuing the victims and in many cases are not pursuing or even properly investigating the perpetrators of the fraud who have deliberately abused the tax system; and calls on the Government to amend legislation to introduce a tax exemption for victims of fraud in respect of tax liabilities that have arisen as a result of the fraud and to create an independent specialist task force to investigate how victims of fraud and mis-selling are being treated under tax avoidance and pensions legislation by HMRC and who should rightfully be responsible for the stolen tax.

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Greg Mulholland26/04/2017Leeds North WestLiberal DemocratProposed

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