activity during 2001-02

EDMs Signed: 41
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1782Agriculture (S.i., 2002, No. 2614)21/10/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith21/10/2002
1718Countryside (S.i.,2002, No.1836)24/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith24/07/2002
1716London Government (S.i., 2001, No. 2285)24/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith24/07/2002
1715London Government (S.i., 2001, No. 2313)24/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith24/07/2002
1714Highways (S.i., 2001, No. 2303)24/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith24/07/2002
1674Countryside (S.i., 2002, No. 1710)22/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith22/07/2002
1654Merchant Shipping (S.i., 2002,no. 1473)17/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith17/07/2002
1653Transport (S.i., 2002, No.1166)17/07/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith17/07/2002
1484Transport (S.i., 2002, No. 1166)19/06/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/06/2002
1420Housing, England (S.i., 2002, No. 1091)11/06/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith11/06/2002
1264Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Transport, Local Government And The Regions09/05/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith09/05/2002
1227Animal Health (S.i., 2002, No. 843)01/05/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith01/05/2002
1119Electoral Commission (S.i., 2002, No. 505)12/04/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith12/04/2002
1118Local Government (S.i., 2002, No. 523)12/04/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith12/04/2002
1067Aggregates Levy (S.i., 2002, No. 761)25/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith25/03/2002
1066Aggregates Levy (S.i., 2001, No. 4027)25/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith25/03/2002
1033Wireless Telegraphy (S.i., 2002, No. 641)19/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/03/2002
1032Local Government (S.i., 2002, No. 305)19/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/03/2002
1031Pensions (S.i., 2002, No.206)19/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/03/2002
973Pensions (S.i., 2002, No. 380)11/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith11/03/2002
972Social Security (S.i., 2002, No. 398)11/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith11/03/2002
924Animals (S.i.,2002,no.221)04/03/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith04/03/2002
896Housing (S.i., 2001 No. 4036)26/02/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith26/02/2002
811Rating And Valuation (S.i., 2001, No. 3944) (No. 2)06/02/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith06/02/2002
810Rating And Valuation (S.i., 2001, No. 3916) (No. 2)06/02/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith06/02/2002
226Elected Second Chamber31/01/2002SignedFiona Mactaggart15/10/2001
760Local Government (S.i., 2001, No. 3576)29/01/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith29/01/2002
759Local Government (S.i., 2001, No. 3575)29/01/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith29/01/2002
733Rating And Valuation (S.i., 2001, No. 3916)28/01/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith28/01/2002
732Rating And Valuation (S.i., 2001, No. 3944)28/01/2002ProposedIain Duncan Smith28/01/2002
621Social Care (S.i., 2001, No. 3980)19/12/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/12/2001
620Social Care (S.i., 2001, No. 3969)19/12/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/12/2001
619Public Health (S.i., 2001, No. 3968)19/12/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/12/2001
618Social Care (S.i., 2001, No. 3965)19/12/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith19/12/2001
606Animals (S.i., 2001, No.3853)18/12/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith18/12/2001
553Agriculture (S.i., 2001, No. 3966)11/12/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith11/12/2001
379Town And Country Planning (S.i., 2001, No. 2718)07/11/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith07/11/2001
377Building And Buildings (S.i., 2001, No. 3335)07/11/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith07/11/2001
357Insolvency (S.i., 2001, No.3352)05/11/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith05/11/2001
216Social Security (S.i., 2001, No. 3210)04/10/2001ProposedIain Duncan Smith04/10/2001
7880th Anniversary Of The Royal British Legion16/07/2001SignedBob Russell04/07/2001
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