Derek Foster activity during 1992-93

EDMs Signed: 39
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
2581New Towns (S.i., 1993, No. 1808)03/11/1993SignedJohn P Smith03/11/1993
2580Education (S.i., 1993, No. 2194)03/11/1993SignedJohn P Smith03/11/1993
2502National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 1764)25/10/1993SecondedJohn P Smith25/10/1993
2471National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 2421)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2463National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 2210)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2462National Health Service (S. I., 1993, No. 2218)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2461National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 2209)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2460National Health Service (S. I., 1993, No.2211)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2459Mental Health (S.i., 1993, No. 2156)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2458Consumer Protection (S. I., 1993, No. 1947)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2457Medicines (S. I., 1993, No. 1890)19/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1993
2442Health And Safety (S.i. 1993, No. 1897)18/10/1993SignedJohn P Smith18/10/1993
2438Industrial Development (S.i., 1993, No. 1894)18/10/1993SecondedJohn P Smith18/10/1993
2415Industrial Development (S.i., 1993, No. 1877)26/07/1993SignedJohn P Smith26/07/1993
2373Social Security (S.i., 1993, No. 1679)22/07/1993SignedJohn P Smith22/07/1993
2332Animals (S.i., 1993, No. 1331)16/07/1993SignedJohn P Smith16/07/1993
2237Animals (S.i., 1993, No. 1331)30/06/1993SignedJohn P Smith30/06/1993
2166Sea Fisheries (S.i., 1993, No. 1197)16/06/1993SignedJohn P Smith16/06/1993
2123Food (S.i.,1993, No. 1360)09/06/1993SignedJohn P Smith09/06/1993
2122Food (S.i., 1993, No. 1359)09/06/1993SignedJohn P Smith09/06/1993
2019Education (S.i., 1993, No.998 )17/05/1993SignedJohn P Smith17/05/1993
1824Broadcasting (S.i.,1993, No 1024)22/04/1993SignedJohn P Smith22/04/1993
1649Social Security (S.i., 1993, No. 315)22/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith22/03/1993
1647Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 790)19/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/03/1993
1646Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 789)19/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/03/1993
1645Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 788)19/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith19/03/1993
1592National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 574)15/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith15/03/1993
1583National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 572)11/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith11/03/1993
1582National Health Service (S.i., 1993, No. 571)11/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith11/03/1993
1572Legal Aid And Advice (S.i., 1993, No. 565)11/03/1993SignedJohn P Smith11/03/1993
1335Centenary Of The Maiden Speech Of J.keir Hardie, On Unemployment05/02/1993SignedJohn P Smith05/02/1993
1147Environmental Protection (S.i., 1992, No.3280)12/01/1993SignedJohn P Smith12/01/1993
1146Environmental Protection (S.i., 1993, No. 15 )12/01/1993SecondedJohn P Smith12/01/1993
725Consumer Protection (S.i., 1992, No 2620)03/11/1992SignedJohn P Smith03/11/1992
623County Courts (S.i.,1992,no.1965)22/10/1992SignedJohn P Smith22/10/1992
574Social Security (S.i.,1992, No.1695)19/10/1992SignedJohn P Smith19/10/1992
99Earth Summit DebateUnknownWithdrawnDavid Steel19/05/1992
57Quarantine RegulationsUnknownWithdrawnPaul Tyler14/05/1992
53Members Office Cost AllowancesUnknownWithdrawnGraham Allen13/05/1992
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