activity during 2001-02

EDMs Signed: 11
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1862Sunday Working06/11/2002SignedMalcolm Savidge06/11/2002
1275Primacy Of The House Of Commons06/11/2002SignedDavid Clelland10/05/2002
1854University Of Namibia Choir And Its Visit To Glasgow And To Schools In Pollok05/11/2002SignedIan Davidson05/11/2002
1844A1Friends Of Scotland And The Secretary Of State For Scotland;amdt. Line 6:05/11/2002SignedRosemary McKenna05/11/2002
1498Argos And Compulsory Sunday Working In Scotland04/11/2002SignedMalcolm Savidge24/06/2002
1754Electing The House Of Commons15/10/2002SignedTom Harris15/10/2002
1737Lupus Awareness Month15/10/2002SignedJanet Dean15/10/2002
1594Bank Of England09/07/2002SignedJim Sheridan09/07/2002
1367Presidential And Parliamentary Elections In Sierra Leone, 14th May (No. 2)09/07/2002SignedWin Griffiths22/05/2002
1430Leith Rules Golf12/06/2002SignedMark Lazarowicz12/06/2002
633India And Pakistan11/06/2002SignedMalcolm Savidge09/01/2002
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