activity during 1997-98

EDMs Signed: 31
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1744Deductions From The Wages Of Pows During World War Ii12/11/1998SignedMark Oaten10/11/1998
1731Income Tax (S.i., 1998, No. 1871)03/11/1998SignedWilliam Hague03/11/1998
1730Income Tax (S.i., 1998, No. 1870)03/11/1998SignedWilliam Hague03/11/1998
1729Income Tax (S.i., 1998, No. 1869)03/11/1998SignedWilliam Hague03/11/1998
1688Beef On The Bone Regulations22/10/1998SignedTim Yeo22/10/1998
1637Regulations On The Working Time Directive22/10/1998SignedChristopher Gill30/07/1998
1647SPEAKER'S CHAPLAIN02/09/1998SignedAndrew Rowe02/09/1998
1590Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Edinburgh South (No. 3)22/07/1998SignedArchie Hamilton22/07/1998
1432Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme15/06/1998SignedDafydd Wigley15/06/1998
1339Timing Of Abolition Of Duty Free18/05/1998SignedPhilip Hammond18/05/1998
1334Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Gordon18/05/1998SignedTim Loughton18/05/1998
1223North American Free Trade Area20/04/1998SignedTim Collins20/04/1998
914BBC Regional Parliamentary Programmes12/03/1998SignedJohn McWilliam05/03/1998
950Memorial To Flight Lieutenant S.m. Kinkead, Rnas/raf09/03/1998SignedJulian Lewis09/03/1998
780North Sea Tax Take19/02/1998SignedFrank Cook12/02/1998
724Conduct Of The Paymaster General19/02/1998SignedJulian Lewis03/02/1998
784Conduct Of The Right Honourable Member For Copeland12/02/1998SecondedJames Gray12/02/1998
779Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Social Security11/02/1998ProposedNick Gibb11/02/1998
739A1The Conservative Opposition;amdt. Line 2:05/02/1998SignedGillian Shephard05/02/1998
698Conduct Of The Secretary Of State For Foreign And Commonwealth Affairs27/01/1998SignedMichael Howard27/01/1998
673A1Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament;amdt. Line 1:27/01/1998SignedJulian Lewis26/01/1998
577Hmy Britannia10/12/1997SignedChristopher Gill10/12/1997
562Payments To Prisoners Of War08/12/1997SignedTheresa May08/12/1997
501Conduct Of The Prime Minister At Question Time25/11/1997SignedJulian Lewis25/11/1997
340Conduct Of The Chancellor Of The Exchequer And His Advisers27/10/1997SignedPeter Lilley27/10/1997
261SERJEANT AT ARM'S STAFF17/07/1997SignedNicholas Brown16/07/1997
265Payments For Slaughtered Animals16/07/1997SignedNigel Evans16/07/1997
213Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Edinburgh South (No. 2)08/07/1997SignedTheresa May07/07/1997
212Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Edinburgh South08/07/1997SignedTheresa May07/07/1997
210Conduct Of Lord Simon And Sale Of Bp Shares07/07/1997SignedJohn Bercow07/07/1997
203A1Nuclear Disarmament;amdt. Line 1:07/07/1997SignedJulian Lewis07/07/1997
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