activity during 1990-91

EDMs Signed: 8
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1035Disruption In The Licensed Trade14/10/1991SignedEric Illsley25/06/1991
945The Eec Directive On Data Protection And The UK Voluntary Sector14/10/1991SignedRobert Maclennan12/06/1991
1092A1Kent County Council;amdt. Line 1:15/07/1991SignedJacques Arnold15/07/1991
732International Day Of The Midwife16/05/1991SignedAnn Winterton23/04/1991
463POVERTY, THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE PLANET'S FUTURE28/02/1991SignedBowen Wells13/02/1991
3Export Of Horses And Ponies After 1992 (No. 2)28/02/1991SignedHarry Greenway07/11/1990
2Export Of Horses And Ponies After 199228/02/1991SignedHarry Greenway07/11/1990
323No Smoking Policy For Palace Of Westminster Staff08/02/1991SignedGeorge Foulkes22/01/1991
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