activity during 1994-95

EDMs Signed: 17
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1267Prosecution Of British Paedophile Tourists27/06/1995SignedIvan Lawrence20/06/1995
1290The Royal Society Of Chemistry And Parliamentary Links Day22/06/1995SecondedDonald Anderson22/06/1995
1094Probation Service (No. 2)20/06/1995SignedGerald Bermingham09/05/1995
383Reducing VAT On Energy Saving Materials20/06/1995SignedAlan Simpson12/01/1995
2Environmental Claims20/06/1995SignedAlan Keen16/11/1994
1235Labour Party Policy On The Union Of The United Kingdom12/06/1995SignedCranley Onslow12/06/1995
1111Labour Plans For A National Minimum Wage10/05/1995SignedNorman Fowler10/05/1995
939Sir Charles Irving05/04/1995SignedNigel Jones30/03/1995
740Euthanasia In The Netherlands07/03/1995SignedMarion Roe07/03/1995
729Commonwealth Day On Monday 13th March 199503/03/1995SignedIvan Lawrence03/03/1995
615Labour Party And Education15/02/1995SignedIvan Lawrence15/02/1995
581UK And Single Currency08/02/1995SignedKenneth Baker08/02/1995
351A1Conduct Of Minister Of Agriculture, Fisheries And Food And Export Of Veal Calves;amdt. Line 1:12/01/1995SignedTom King11/01/1995
186Fiftieth Anniversary Of Victory: War Widows And Service Widows12/01/1995SignedAlfred Morris05/12/1994
279Discrimination Against British Pensioners Living Abroad14/12/1994SignedWinston Churchill14/12/1994
24Children In Prostitution And Pornography16/11/1994SignedAnn Winterton16/11/1994
6Care And Welfare Of Ex-Service People16/11/1994SignedAlfred Morris16/11/1994
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