activity during 1993-94

EDMs Signed: 18
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1691Conduct Of The Editor Of The Guardian31/10/1994SignedNicholas Bonsor31/10/1994
1450Remit Of The Football Trust21/07/1994SignedJoseph Ashton05/07/1994
1508Conduct Of The Rt Hon Member For Copeland13/07/1994SignedQuentin Davies13/07/1994
1465Honourable Member For Monklands East And Monklands District Council07/07/1994SignedDavid Shaw06/07/1994
1367Official Labour Party Education Policy And The Hon Member For Sedgefield21/06/1994SignedDavid Shaw21/06/1994
1356Chris Moncrieff21/06/1994SignedTristan Garel-Jones21/06/1994
1354Beer Duty21/06/1994SignedNirj Joseph Deva21/06/1994
1004King Constantine Of The Hellenes12/04/1994SignedGreville Janner12/04/1994
912Right To Statutory Interest On Commercial Debt22/03/1994SignedKen Purchase22/03/1994
853A1Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Rutland And Melton;amdt. Line 1:16/03/1994SignedMichael Fabricant16/03/1994
856Labour Party And Aid To Malaysia15/03/1994SecondedFergus Montgomery15/03/1994
812Newspaper Publishing Plc Purchase10/03/1994SignedRichard Caborn10/03/1994
704Conduct Of The Hon Member For Dewsbury And Independent Schools01/03/1994SignedJames Pawsey01/03/1994
635A1National Minimum Wage;amdt. Line 1:28/02/1994SignedAlan Duncan28/02/1994
563LABOUR'S PLANS FOR BUSINESS09/02/1994SignedJohn Townend09/02/1994
375Comparison Between Conservative And Labour Councils18/01/1994SignedEric Pickles18/01/1994
337APPRECIATION OF RON BARON'S SERVICES12/01/1994SignedDennis Turner12/01/1994
86A1Shipbuilding On Merseyside;amdt. Line 1:30/11/1993ProposedJohn Sykes30/11/1993
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