activity during 1994-95

EDMs Signed: 14
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1586Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin06/11/1995SignedTimothy Sainsbury06/11/1995
1436Reduction Of Debt For Third World Countries19/07/1995SignedWilliam Cash19/07/1995
1435Conduct Of Recorder Roger Keen And The Case Of Mr Stuart Hicken18/07/1995ProposedJohn Sykes18/07/1995
1434Mr Stuart Hicken18/07/1995ProposedJohn Sykes18/07/1995
1340Achievements Of Mr Richard Whiteley03/07/1995SignedJoseph Ashton03/07/1995
1277Labour Controlled Monklands District Council20/06/1995SignedDavid Shaw20/06/1995
1276Honourable Member For Dover And Monklands District Council20/06/1995SignedBill Walker20/06/1995
1275Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Hamilton20/06/1995SignedDavid Shaw20/06/1995
1178Government Policy On The Fishing Industry24/05/1995ProposedJohn Sykes24/05/1995
763Conduct Of The Honourable Member For Leicester West08/03/1995ProposedJohn Sykes08/03/1995
581UK And Single Currency08/02/1995SignedKenneth Baker08/02/1995
419A1Contamination Of British Beaches;amdt. Line 1:24/01/1995SignedHarold Elletson24/01/1995
442Private Clegg And The Rules Of Engagement23/01/1995SignedJulian Brazier23/01/1995
351A1Conduct Of Minister Of Agriculture, Fisheries And Food And Export Of Veal Calves;amdt. Line 1:11/01/1995SignedTom King11/01/1995
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