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Butterworth & Co.

EDM number 1135 in 1990-91, proposed by Ron Leighton on 15/07/1991.

That this House notes with great concern the actions of the management of Butterworth & Co., Publishers plc, who have de-recognised their 250 SOGAT employees' union negotiating rights and are seeking to impose increased working hours and new terms and conditions of employment inferior on most counts to those currently in existence, without any negotiation and by the issuance of mass dismissal notices set to expire on 30th September 1991; further notes that this is taking place against a background of a tradition of good industrial relations and where the company has just announced, in its annual report, its 16th successive year of healthy profits with this year's being ú58 million; further notes that this is happening where, after requesting SOGAT to ballot its members on the non-negotiable new package of inferior terms and conditions and where such a ballot was held and on a 94 per cent. ballot return, 96.5 per cent. voted against the proposals and in favour of retaining effective union recognition and negotiations on terms and conditions and is therefore completely immoral and undemocratic; takes the view that those who demand ballots should respect and abide by the outcome of such ballots and asks the Secretary of State for Employment to use his good offices to encourage the company to accept the recent initiative of ACAS to get talks between the parties underway with a view to achieving a negotiated settlement, restoration of recognition and the removal of the threats of dismissal to the workforce.

This motion has been signed by a total of 84 MPs.

Ron Leighton15/07/1991Newham North EastProposed
Edward O'Hara15/07/1991Knowsley SouthSigned
Peter Pike15/07/1991BurnleySigned
Martin O'Neill15/07/1991ClackmannanSigned
Stan Orme15/07/1991Salford EastSigned
Harry Cohen15/07/1991LeytonSigned
Robin Corbett15/07/1991Birmingham, ErdingtonSigned
Jeremy Corbyn15/07/1991Islington NorthSigned
Jim Cousins15/07/1991Newcastle upon Tyne CentralSigned
Tam Dalyell15/07/1991LinlithgowSigned
Ron Davies15/07/1991CaerphillySigned
John Fraser15/07/1991NorwoodSigned
George Galloway15/07/1991Glasgow HillheadSigned
Diane Abbott15/07/1991Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Bruce Grocott15/07/1991Wrekin, TheSigned
Michael Welsh15/07/1991Doncaster NorthSigned
Alan Wynne Williams15/07/1991CarmarthenSigned
Brian Wilson15/07/1991Cunninghame NorthSigned
David Winnick15/07/1991Walsall NorthSigned
Tony Worthington15/07/1991Clydebank & MilngavieSigned
James Wray15/07/1991Glasgow ProvanSigned
Rhodri Morgan15/07/1991Cardiff WestSigned
Robert Parry15/07/1991Liverpool, RiversideSigned
Terry Patchett15/07/1991Barnsley EastSigned
Raymond Powell15/07/1991OgmoreSigned
Dawn Primarolo15/07/1991Bristol SouthSigned
Martin Redmond15/07/1991Don ValleySigned
Allan Rogers15/07/1991RhonddaSigned
Ernie Ross15/07/1991Dundee WestSigned
Nigel Spearing15/07/1991Newham SouthSigned
Harriet Harman15/07/1991PeckhamSigned
Doug Hoyle15/07/1991Warrington NorthSigned
Bill O'Brien15/07/1991NormantonSigned
Alun Michael15/07/1991Cardiff South & PenarthSigned
William McKelvey15/07/1991Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
John McAllion15/07/1991Dundee EastSigned
Jim Marshall15/07/1991Leicester SouthSigned
Alice Mahon15/07/1991HalifaxSigned
Tony Lloyd15/07/1991StretfordSigned
Robert Litherland15/07/1991Manchester CentralSigned
George Howarth15/07/1991Knowsley NorthSigned
Mike Watson16/07/1991Glasgow CentralSigned
Terry Lewis16/07/1991WorsleySigned
John Battle16/07/1991Leeds WestSigned
Tony Banks16/07/1991Newham North WestSigned
Irene Adams16/07/1991Paisley NorthSigned
Norman Godman16/07/1991Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Harry Ewing16/07/1991Falkirk EastSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie16/07/1991Glasgow, PollokSigned
Terry Davis16/07/1991Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
Frank Cook16/07/1991Stockton NorthSigned
Keith Bradley16/07/1991Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Elliot Morley16/07/1991Glanford and ScunthorpeSigned
Bill Michie16/07/1991Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Alan Meale16/07/1991MansfieldSigned
Ian McCartney16/07/1991MakerfieldSigned
Eddie Loyden16/07/1991Liverpool, GarstonSigned
Norman Hogg16/07/1991Cumbernauld & KilsythSigned
John Cummings16/07/1991EasingtonSigned
Jack Thompson17/07/1991WansbeckSigned
Gerry Steinberg17/07/1991Durham, City ofSigned
Harry Barnes17/07/1991North East DerbyshireSigned
Llin Golding17/07/1991Newcastle-under-LymeSigned
David Clelland17/07/1991Tyne BridgeSigned
David Marshall17/07/1991Glasgow, ShettlestonSigned
Peter Hardy17/07/1991WentworthSigned
Dennis Skinner17/07/1991BolsoverSigned
Alistair Darling17/07/1991Edinburgh CentralSigned
Win Griffiths18/07/1991BridgendSigned
Dennis Turner18/07/1991Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Ronnie Campbell18/07/1991Blyth ValleySigned
Chris Mullin18/07/1991Sunderland SouthSigned
Robert Hughes18/07/1991Aberdeen NorthSigned
Kim Howells18/07/1991PontypriddSigned
Tom Pendry18/07/1991Stalybridge & HydeSigned
Geoffrey Robinson22/07/1991Coventry North WestSigned
Kate Hoey22/07/1991VauxhallSigned
Gavin Strang22/07/1991Edinburgh EastSigned
John Evans23/07/1991St Helens NorthSigned
Sylvia Heal24/07/1991Staffordshire MidSigned
Roy Hughes24/07/1991Newport EastSigned
Eric Illsley24/07/1991Barnsley CentralSigned
Austin Mitchell14/10/1991Great GrimsbySigned
Tony Benn14/10/1991ChesterfieldSigned

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