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Fifth Anniversary Of Glc Abolition

EDM number 674 in 1990-91, proposed by Tony Banks on 27/03/1991.

That this House notes that the Greater London Council was abolished by the Conservative Government on 31st March 1986; recalls that the abolition was an act of political malice conceived by the unlamented and discredited former Prime Minister and carried out against the wishes of a majority of Londoners; further notes with anger that London is now the only capital city in the world without city-wide local government, a sense of identity and a voice of authority; observes with displeasure the unco-ordinated and unplanned nature of London and the dramatic deterioration in the quality of life in the capital; suffers with fortitude the daily horrors of London transport, pot-holed, crime ridden, litter-strewn congested streets and low grade architecture; calls upon the people of London to ensure a Labour government at the coming general election; and notes with satisfaction the Labour pledge to restore strategic local government to the once proud capital city.

This motion has been signed by a total of 73 MPs.

Tony Banks27/03/1991Newham North WestProposed
Michael Foot27/03/1991Blaenau GwentSigned
Tom Cox27/03/1991TootingSigned
Paul Flynn27/03/1991Newport WestSigned
Mark Fisher27/03/1991Stoke-on-Trent CentralSigned
Frank Field27/03/1991BirkenheadSigned
Andrew Faulds27/03/1991Warley EastSigned
Harry Ewing27/03/1991Falkirk EastSigned
Alexander Eadie27/03/1991MidlothianSigned
Dick Douglas27/03/1991Dunfermline WestSigned
Ron Davies27/03/1991CaerphillySigned
Alistair Darling27/03/1991Edinburgh CentralSigned
Tam Dalyell27/03/1991LinlithgowSigned
Lawrence Cunliffe27/03/1991LeighSigned
John Cummings27/03/1991EasingtonSigned
Bob Cryer27/03/1991Bradford SouthSigned
Martin Redmond27/03/1991Don ValleySigned
John Fraser27/03/1991NorwoodSigned
George Galloway27/03/1991Glasgow HillheadSigned
Mildred Gordon27/03/1991Bow and PoplarSigned
Tommy Graham27/03/1991Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Diane Abbott27/03/1991Hackney North & Stoke NewingtonSigned
Harry Barnes27/03/1991North East DerbyshireSigned
John Battle27/03/1991Leeds WestSigned
Tony Benn27/03/1991ChesterfieldSigned
Gerry Bermingham27/03/1991St Helens SouthSigned
Paul Boateng27/03/1991Brent SouthSigned
Gavin Strang27/03/1991Edinburgh EastSigned
Joan Walley27/03/1991Stoke-on-Trent NorthSigned
Mike Watson27/03/1991Glasgow CentralSigned
Michael Welsh27/03/1991Doncaster NorthSigned
David Winnick27/03/1991Walsall NorthSigned
Robin Corbett27/03/1991Birmingham, ErdingtonSigned
Ernie Ross27/03/1991Dundee WestSigned
Joan Ruddock27/03/1991Lewisham, DeptfordSigned
Brian Sedgemore27/03/1991Hackney South & ShoreditchSigned
Dennis Skinner27/03/1991BolsoverSigned
Chris Smith27/03/1991Islington South & FinsburySigned
Clive Soley27/03/1991HammersmithSigned
Nigel Spearing27/03/1991Newham SouthSigned
Harriet Harman27/03/1991PeckhamSigned
Kate Hoey27/03/1991VauxhallSigned
Norman Hogg27/03/1991Cumbernauld & KilsythSigned
Eric Illsley27/03/1991Barnsley CentralSigned
Martyn Jones27/03/1991Clwyd South WestSigned
Ron Leighton27/03/1991Newham North EastSigned
Ken Livingstone27/03/1991Brent EastSigned
Alice Mahon27/03/1991HalifaxSigned
John McAllion27/03/1991Dundee EastSigned
Jeremy Corbyn27/03/1991Islington NorthSigned
Harry Cohen27/03/1991LeytonSigned
David Clelland27/03/1991Tyne BridgeSigned
Tom Clarke27/03/1991Monklands WestSigned
Ronnie Campbell27/03/1991Blyth ValleySigned
James Callaghan27/03/1991Heywood & MiddletonSigned
Richard Caborn27/03/1991Sheffield CentralSigned
Chris Mullin27/03/1991Sunderland SouthSigned
Elliot Morley27/03/1991Glanford and ScunthorpeSigned
Austin Mitchell27/03/1991Great GrimsbySigned
Bill Michie27/03/1991Sheffield, HeeleySigned
William McKelvey27/03/1991Kilmarnock & LoudounSigned
John Maxton27/03/1991Glasgow, CathcartSigned
Keith Bradley27/03/1991Manchester, WithingtonSigned
Alan Meale28/03/1991MansfieldSigned
Norman Godman28/03/1991Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Peter Pike28/03/1991BurnleySigned
Peter Hardy16/04/1991WentworthSigned
John Evans17/04/1991St Helens NorthSigned
Joyce Quin18/04/1991Gateshead EastSigned
Andrew Smith18/04/1991Oxford EastSigned
Audrey Wise22/04/1991PrestonSigned
Gerry Steinberg23/04/1991Durham, City ofSigned
Jack Thompson01/05/1991WansbeckSigned

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