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Indictment Of Saddam Hussein

EDM number 396 in 1996-97, proposed by Ann Clwyd on 14/01/1997.

That this House welcomes the launch in the House on 15th January, of IDICT an international campaign to bring Saddam Hussein and others in the current regime in Iraq before an int ernational tribunal to face charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and the crime of genocide; notes that since 1979 the Baathist regime in Iraq has committed repeated acts of brutality against the people of Iraq and the citizens of other countries; believes that charges against Saddam Hussein and his associates include the invasion of Iran and Kuwait, the occupation and destruction of Kuwait, the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds and against Iran, the genocidal campaign against the Kurds, the continued and systematic repression of Iraqi civilians, the systematic destruction of the land inhabited by the Marsh Arabs, politically motivated assasinations inside and outside Iraq, the abduction and continued detention of Kuwaiti and Iraqi citizens and the continued violation of Security Council resolutions; maintains that these well-documented acts violate international law as well as the basic norms of behaviour recognised by civilised laws; calls on the United Nations Security Council to set up an international tribunal to try the members of the Baathist regime in Iraq on the above-mentioned charges; and emphasises the most important reason for prosecuting those responsible is the need for justice, especially for the victims and their surviving relatives.

This motion has been signed by a total of 70 MPs.

Ann Clwyd14/01/1997Cynon ValleyProposed
Peter Hardy15/01/1997WentworthSigned
Dennis Turner15/01/1997Wolverhampton South EastSigned
Paddy Tipping15/01/1997SherwoodSigned
David Sumberg15/01/1997Bury SouthSigned
John Gunnell15/01/1997Leeds South and MorleySigned
Lawrence Cunliffe15/01/1997LeighSigned
John Marshall15/01/1997Hendon SouthSigned
Ken Livingstone15/01/1997Brent EastSigned
Lynne Jones15/01/1997Birmingham, Selly OakSigned
Russell Johnston15/01/1997Inverness, Nairn and LochaberSigned
Jean Corston15/01/1997Bristol EastSigned
Gordon Prentice16/01/1997PendleSigned
Alan Simpson16/01/1997Nottingham SouthSigned
Nick Harvey16/01/1997North DevonSigned
Paul Flynn16/01/1997Newport WestSigned
Maria Fyfe16/01/1997Glasgow, MaryhillSigned
Norman Godman16/01/1997Greenock and Port GlasgowSigned
Win Griffiths16/01/1997BridgendSigned
Tony Banks16/01/1997Newham North WestSigned
Bill Michie17/01/1997Sheffield, HeeleySigned
Menzies Campbell20/01/1997Fife North EastSigned
Robert Wareing20/01/1997Liverpool, West DerbySigned
Andrew Faulds20/01/1997Warley EastSigned
Terry Rooney21/01/1997Bradford NorthSigned
Michael Connarty21/01/1997Falkirk EastSigned
Ian Davidson21/01/1997Glasgow, GovanSigned
Jimmy Dunnachie21/01/1997Glasgow, PollokSigned
Jack Thompson21/01/1997WansbeckSigned
Richard Burden22/01/1997Birmingham, NorthfieldSigned
Tom Cox22/01/1997TootingSigned
Mike Watson22/01/1997Glasgow CentralSigned
David Hinchliffe23/01/1997WakefieldSigned
Michael Clapham23/01/1997Barnsley West & PenistoneSigned
Jim Wallace27/01/1997Orkney & ShetlandSigned
Dafydd Wigley28/01/1997CaernarfonSigned
Gerry Sutcliffe30/01/1997Bradford SouthSigned
Martyn Jones30/01/1997Clwyd South WestSigned
Nigel Jones04/02/1997CheltenhamSigned
Tommy Graham05/02/1997Renfrew West and InverclydeSigned
Norman Hogg10/02/1997Cumbernauld & KilsythSigned
Peter Thurnham10/02/1997Bolton North EastSigned
David Winnick10/02/1997Walsall NorthSigned
Peter Shore11/02/1997Bethnal Green and StepneySigned
Joan Lestor11/02/1997EcclesSigned
Jeremy Bray11/02/1997Motherwell SouthSigned
Jamie Cann11/02/1997IpswichSigned
Jim Cunningham11/02/1997Coventry South EastSigned
Mike Gapes11/02/1997Ilford SouthSigned
Teddy Taylor12/02/1997Southend EastSigned
Richard Caborn12/02/1997Sheffield CentralSigned
Bill Olner12/02/1997NuneatonSigned
Bill O'Brien12/02/1997NormantonSigned
Keith Hill12/02/1997StreathamSigned
Graham Riddick12/02/1997Colne ValleySigned
William Powell12/02/1997CorbySigned
Calum MacDonald12/02/1997Na h-Eileanan an IarSigned
David Atkinson13/02/1997Bournemouth EastSigned
Alan Wynne Williams13/02/1997CarmarthenSigned
Martin Smyth18/02/1997Belfast SouthSigned
Rachel Squire19/02/1997Dunfermline WestSigned
Nick Ainger19/02/1997PembrokeSigned
David Rendel19/02/1997NewburySigned
Elfyn Llwyd24/02/1997Meirionnydd Nant ConwySigned
Joyce Quin25/02/1997Gateshead EastSigned
Llin Golding25/02/1997Newcastle-under-LymeSigned
Anne Campbell26/02/1997CambridgeSigned
Dale Campbell-Savours04/03/1997WorkingtonSigned
Terry Davis05/03/1997Birmingham, Hodge HillSigned
David Howell10/03/1997GuildfordSigned

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