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Invasion Of Iraq 2003

EDM number 1211 in 2013-14, proposed by George Galloway on 20/03/2014.
Categorised under the topics of Iraq, Middle East and Military operations.

That this House recalls that it was 11 years ago on 20 March 2003 that the first missiles hit Baghdad, signalling what was dubbed shock and awe, the start of the US-led attack on Iraq in which the UK participated; further recalls that the premise on which the war was launched was that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, based in large part on false dossiers produced by the then Government; notes that there were no weapons of mass destruction as the Iraqi government said at the time and as independent witnesses had verified; believes that this House and the British public were gravely and deliberately misled; mourns the thousands of men, women and children who died as a result of these falsehoods; and concludes that this was the greatest British foreign policy disaster in living memory.

This motion has been signed by a total of 2 MPs.

George Galloway20/03/2014Bradford WestRespectProposed
Mike Hancock26/03/2014Portsmouth SouthLiberal DemocratSeconded

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