activity during 2013-14

EDMs Signed: 19
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
1223Barclays And Tax Havens In Africa07/04/2014SignedJohn Leech24/03/2014
1213Promotion Of Tax Havens By Banks In Africa07/04/2014SignedJonathan Edwards20/03/2014
1166Changes To Tyre Requirements During Mots For Buses And Coaches19/03/2014SignedSteve Rotheram11/03/2014
1123Fair Tax Mark26/02/2014SecondedCaroline Lucas26/02/2014
989Don't Call Me Freakface Campaign By Changing Faces11/02/2014SignedStephen Lloyd23/01/2014
932Holocaust Memorial Day14/01/2014SignedAlistair Burt09/01/2014
915Thames Ironworks Heritage Trust14/01/2014SignedJim Fitzpatrick08/01/2014
916East London River Crossings14/01/2014SignedJim Fitzpatrick08/01/2014
684Local Government Fiscal Devolution And Freedom09/12/2013SignedGraham Allen06/11/2013
811Rugby World Cup 2015 And Ticket Touts27/11/2013SecondedClive Efford27/11/2013
704Health Funding And Economic Deprivation18/11/2013SignedNicholas Brown11/11/2013
66850th Anniversary Of The Assassination Of President John F Kennedy18/11/2013SignedSimon Burns05/11/2013
66980th Anniversary Of The Wiener Library For The Study Of Holocaust And Contemporary Genocide18/11/2013SignedLouise Ellman05/11/2013
644Chartism And Parliament30/10/2013SignedHywel Francis29/10/2013
516Transport For London Fares For 201408/10/2013SignedClive Efford11/09/2013
337Bow Match Women's Strike Of 188803/07/2013SignedDiana R Johnson02/07/2013
191Importance Of Arts And Creative Industries11/06/2013SignedJoan Ruddock05/06/2013
171House Of Commons Nursery (No. 2)11/06/2013SignedLucy Powell04/06/2013
57Fair Deal For Your Local Campaign21/05/2013SignedGreg Mulholland09/05/2013
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