Michael Lord activity during 1991-92

EDMs Signed: 15
Signature Breakdown:
NumberTitleSignature DateSignature TypeProposerProposal Date
828Camden06/03/1992ProposedMichael Lord06/03/1992
806Rabies Protection In The British Isles05/03/1992SignedDavid Shaw04/03/1992
798The Hospice Movement (No.2)05/03/1992SignedAnthony Durant03/03/1992
666Health Services In The West Midlands12/02/1992SignedJames Pawsey12/02/1992
251Ban On The Wild Caught Bird Trade30/01/1992SignedJanet Fookes25/11/1991
543Ivory Trade Ban29/01/1992SignedTony Banks22/01/1992
503Japanese Slaughter Of Minke Whales29/01/1992SignedTony Banks20/01/1992
509Hms Polar Circle21/01/1992SignedMichael Shersby20/01/1992
506The Hospice Movement20/01/1992SignedAnn Winterton20/01/1992
338United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child16/12/1991SignedJoan Lestor05/12/1991
21Health And Safety (S.i., 1991, No. 1531)12/12/1991SignedNeil Kinnock31/10/1991
381Prime Minister And The Maastricht Summit11/12/1991SignedNorman Fowler11/12/1991
176Conduct Of The Hon Member For West Lancashire (No.2)14/11/1991SignedMarcus Fox14/11/1991
169Opposition Policies On Europe14/11/1991SignedNorman Fowler14/11/1991
93DEFENCE AND LABOUR'S SHADOW CABINET06/11/1991SignedMarcus Fox06/11/1991
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